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Lummis & Susanita Dancing
Image depicts Charles Lummis and Susanita del Valle dancing with one another on a porch at Rancho Camulos. There are two wooden pillars in the foreground. Behind the dancers is a bench with a doorway on both sides of the bench.

Don Antonio Coronel & Wife Dancing
Image depicts Don Antonio Coronel dancing with his wife. Don Antonio is on the right side of the image in a dancing stance, wearing a black suit with a sarape-like cloth hanging over his shoulders. His wife is on the left of the image wearing a dark,…

Louisa Ruiz Walker and Walter Walker
Full portrait of Louisa Ruiz Walker and her husband Walter Walker sitting on the steps of the first house that they lived in together. Louisa is wearing a coat with a fur collar and Walter is wearing a suit and holding a fedora in his hands between…

Street view of Santa Clara Catholic Church in Oxnard through a frame of trees. The middle of three doors is open.
[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 7609 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood 46, Calif., H1317 & 19639]

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Postcard
Image of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church with the words "'The Open Door' Saint Paul's Episcopal Church (Incorporated 1889) Santa Clara and Oak Ventura, California." The photograph is a street view from the intersection of Santa Clara and Oak, giving a…

Father Patrick Gorgan seated beside east entrance to Mission San Buenaventura.
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