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"Room for One More!" Daily Children on Pony
Image of the six Daily children riding the same pony. There are five girls and one boy in the picture, with one of the girls holding a baby. Likely taken in the avocado orchard at the Daily Ranch in Camarillo. All of the children are facing the…

A. Levy Looking at Hogs
Outdoor scene of A. Levy at his home in Hueneme. Levy is standing by a pig pen, and is looking over fence at three hogs. Hogs are sniffing ground and eating. Levy is wearing suit and hat. Buildings in background.

Photograph given to A. Levy Bank…

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Anna Borchard Kellner and Sheep on the Conejo
View of Anna Borchard Kellner shepherding a flock of sheep in the Conejo area. Kellner is standing at the back of the flock, and is not visible in detail. Farmland and mountains visible in background.

Begging for Treats
Outdoor scene showing six cats and a dog begging for treats. Portion of a woman in dark dress holding plate visible on right side. Dog is large with curly, shaggy fur. Cats of a variety of fur patterns. Wooden building in background.

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Billiwhack Stock Farm Dairy Truck in Parade
A dairy truck from Billiwhack Stock Farm in a parade. Truck is leading prized bull Prince Aagie, seen on the left of image behind the truck. Two men in dairy uniforms hold a large banner announcing Prince Aagie just behind the truck. Truck reads…

Busch Gardens, Pasadena
Lawn at Busch Gardens in Pasadena. In the middle of the lawn is a small bird standing on the grass. To the left of the bird there is a small shrub and a walking path. Trees of many different varieties in background, including a large palm tree.

Carmen Camarillo Riding in Fiesta Parade
Carmen Camarillo and two unidentified men riding horseback during the Fiesta Parade on State Street in Santa Barbara. Carmen is riding a Camarillo White Horse, the two men are riding dark-colored horses.

Cat Dressed in Baby Clothes
A short-haired tabby cat dressed in what appears to be baby clothes. The cat seems to be content. It is seated on a chair with a pillow behind it.

Chariot Race
Shows charioteers and horses mid-race. The horses are running down a dirt racetrack. Trees in background.

Chariot Team
Shows a chariot team standing next to grandstands. Team consists of four horses to pull the chariot. Charioteer stands in the chariot, holding what appears to be a whip.

Charles Lummis on Horseback
View of Charles Lummis sitting on horseback in front of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The veranda and main door of the building are visible.

Charles Zapf Sitting with Schnaps the Dog
Shows Charles F. Zapf sitting in the backyard of 57 N. Laurel Street. His pet dachshund, Schnaps, is laying on his lap. Garden beds and shrubbery visible in background.

Chicken Pens
View of the chicken pens at an unidentified farm. Chicken enclosure consists of a covered coop building, and four yards divided by fences. Chickens are roaming the yards. A man is standing in the second from the left yard, next to the coop. Two women…

Children on Goat Drawn Wagon
A boy sits on a goat that has a wagon hitched to it. Two little girls sit in the wagon. Jose Ordoñez on goat, Cruz and Lola Ordoñez seated in the wagon--children of Baraquiel Ordoñez.


Clark Gable Holding Lion Cubs
Portrait of Clark Gable holding two lion cubs. He is wearing a turtleneck shirt, sweater and slacks. A building can be seen in the background. He is smiling and looking at the camera.

Colony House
Front exterior view of a two-story, wooden colony house, with awning-covered front porch. A wire and wood fence is visible in front of the house. An unidentified figure and horse stand to the right of the house.

Library records indicate Simi…

Conversation Between Two Cats
Outdoor view of two cats in a garden. Rocks in foreground. Cat on left is shorthaired with black and white fur. It is crouched on the ground and looking towards the right. Cat on right has back to viewer, and looks to the left. It is shorthaired with…

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Cows Grazing
View of hills and fields. A herd of cows is grazing the grass. Trees are scattered across the landscape.

Daily Family Cat
Image of the Daily family cat walking on grass. The cat has one paw forward as if in motion. The tail of the cat is sticking straight into the air and curls to the left. The cat has medium-long fur and a faint tabby pattern. Behind cat, are the feet…

Daily Family Photo Outside of Michigan Home
Daily family outside a home in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Four adults standing with a child kneeling in front. The boy, identified as Kenneth, is holding a small dog. The wooden walls and stone foundation of house are on the right of the image, wooden…

Dana Dougherty with Snake
Closeup picture showing Dana Dougherty as a young girl holding a snake, possibly a garter snake. Dougherty is looking down, to the left of the view. The snake is stretching upwards so that the tip of its nose touches Dougherty's chin. Dougherty wears…

Dean H. Blanchard's Beloved Ducks
Close-up view of Dean H. Blanchard's Mallard ducks by the Santa Paula Blanchard Ranch Reservoir. Six ducks in view, two hens, four drakes. Background out of focus.

Note: "Enlarged by Earl V. Lewis Co. LKA and Hollywood."

DeLee and Animals A
Four outdoor photos depicting DeLee Staunton interacting with animals.

Photo A: DeLee sits on steps leading to home at 828 Poli Street. Three spotted puppies explore the yard around her. Puppies appear to be Jack Russell terriers or a similar…

DeLee and Frosty the Dog A
Two photos depicting DeLee Staunton and her dog Frosty.

Photo A: DeLee stands on the garden path of 828 Poli Street. Her dog Frosty stands near her. Frosty is a white dog that appears to be a Jack Russell terrier or similar breed. DeLee wears a…

DeLee and Skippy A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton and her pet dog Skippy.

Photo A: DeLee sitting in a garden holding Skippy in her lap. She wears a dress with Peter Pan collar. Skippy appears to be a Jack Russel Terrier or similar breed.

Photo B: DeLee…
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