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Shaw's Beverages at Street Fair
Floyd Shaw, wearing suit and bow-tie, poses holding a cup, standing behind a table displayed with bottled beverages, sasparilla and cider among them. Caption at the bottom of the photograph indicates that "Floyd's whiskers are real."

Fillmore Queen Candidates Group Photo
Group photo of the Queen and queen candidates in Fillmore. L-R: unidentified man, Esther Romero, rear, Queen Helen Hernandez, Isabel Ramirez. The Queen wears a cape or robe. Photo taken September 16 of 1944 or 1945. They appear to be at an outdoor…


Camarillo White Horses on Parade
Camarillo White Horses and riders in the County Fair Parade on Main Street. Parade watchers are visible in the foreground.

This view of the parade is in front of the Darden and Randall Buick Agency (52 E. Main Street).

Ventura Street Fair Postcard
Aerial view of a busy street fair in Ventura, California. There is a line of vendor canopies along the center of the street; one has the sign "Information" and another sign says "Temple Beth Torah."
[McGrew Color Graphics, Kansas City, MO 64108,…

Attendees in Carriage at the Ventura County Fair
Senator Shortridge attends the Ventura County Fair in a carriage with Señorita Isabella Camarillo. They are smiling at the viewer. They appear to be in costume, possibly Spanish traditional clothing.

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