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Abalones and Lobsters Caught at Puerto Vallarta
Shows lobsters and abalones arrange on a striped surfboard. Caught at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Photographer's shadow visible in lower left. A person's legs are visible in the upper center.

Lobsters and Abalones Caught in Puerto Vallarta
Shows surfer, possibly George "Wimpy" Weston, crouching on a Puerto Vallarta beach next to a surfboard. Lobsters and abalones are spread across the board.

Fishermen Standing in Surf with Catch
Outdoor group photo of five men and one woman standing in the surf and holding a net full of fish. Taken in the vicinity of Mugu.

Wheeler's Hot Springs postcard
Dozens of fish, apparently caught by a fisherman in Matilija Creek, are displayed on a rock. A hand net and water in the creek are visible.

Caption: Wheelers Hot Springs

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Marguerite Welton Holding Giant Fish
Marguerite Welton, portrait full, with large black fish caught from boat at Pt. Mugu in the 1930s. Fish is possibly a Goliath Grouper. The fish is hanging by its mouth and appears longer/taller than Welton. Welton wears nautical or sailor style…

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Sam Kodani With Fishing Pole
This image shows Sam Kodani standing on the exterior steps of Limoneira worker housing. He is holding a fishing pole.

Ventura Pier and Parking Lot Postcard
Image of Ventura Pier (Ventura State Park Fishing Pier) and parking lot photographed from across the road. There are parked and driving cars with a couple of trailers. People are walking on the pier. Caption at top reads "Greetings from Ventura,…

Group of people fishing on the beach with islands offshore

Two men fishing in a canyon stream,

Fishing in a canyon river.

New Pier at Point Mugu
Photo of people on the new Pt. Mugu pier. Some are walking on the peir, others are fishing off of the pier.

Men Pose with Steelhead Trout
Photo of men in a car with caught fish hanging from the side of the car. Fred Hartman is sitting at the rear of car. Louis Breer is in the left seat of car. The car has chains on the back tires. The car is parked in front of Riley & Co. - Real…

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