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Sumo Wrestling Tournament
This image shows the participants and spectators of a sumo wrestling event held on the 5th Street Beach in Oxnard, California.

Oxnard High School Football Team
This image is an exterior group portrait of the Oxnard High School Football team wearing full uniforms. Nagao Fujita is in the back row, on left.

Participants in the Police Olympics Wrestling Competition
Hueneme High School graduates Andy Gibson and Peter Sanzone, who were both participants in the wrestling competition at the 1989 Police Olympics held at Rio Mesa High School. Andy and Peter are seen here with their arms around one another. It is a…

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Rosalyn Bryant Running in the Police Olympics Held at Rio Mesa High School.
Former Olympian, Rosalyn Bryant, is seen here as a member of the Los Angeles' Police Department Track and Field Team competing at the Police Olympics held at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard. Byrant became a police officer after her career as an…

Emmet Littleton Poses as Part of a Bodybuilding Competition
Emmet Littleton (1945-2017), poses as part of a bodybuilding competition in Oxnard. His head is turned upward and he is smiling broadly. He appears to be on a stage with a black backdrop. He is wearing a swimsuit and the number 16. Ventura County…

Dmitri Young, in the Oxnard Rio Mesa High School Baseball Team Uniform
Former Major League Baseball player, Dimitri Young, seen here as a member of Oxnard's Rio Mesa High School baseball team. He is in a batter's stance with the bat over his right shoulder. There are other players leaning on a fence behind him. Ventura…

Action Shot From Basketball Game Between Oxnard and Ventura High Schools, 1987
Oxnard High School's Walter Bell weaves between Ventura High School's Nathan Hantgin and Cory Brown during a basketball game at Ventura High School. Another Oxnard High School player is watching the play happen. There is a crowd of spectators in the…
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