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Max Riave Next to Notary Public Sign
Max Riave stands next to a sign advertising his services. Sign reads "Max Riave Notary Public 482-2660 Have Seal Will Travel." Max gestures toward the sign, smiling at the camera.

Max Riave in Front of Camarillo Mercantile
Max Riave (right) stands with another man in front of the store he owned with his wife Ruth, Camarillo Mercantile. Both men are smiling into the camera and are wearing ties and long light colored coats. Behind them, part of the interior of the store…

Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park
Bird's eye view of Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park showing the entire baseball diamond and outfield. There are nine visible players on the field in various positions mid game. Residences and other buildings are in the background and advertisements…

Railroad Crossing postcard
Photo postcard of a Railroad crossing, with a woman approaching it on the right of the photo. There are buildings, an open car, and a horse drawn wagon in the background. There is writing on the front of the postcard and it is addressed to Mrs.…

Ventura Fire House Postcard
Photograph captioned "Fire House, Ventura, Cal." Two people stand at the entrance of the fire house, as someone rides toward the entrance on a horse. Mountains are visible in the background. There are houses and buildings on both sides of the fire…

Rancho Santa Clara del Norte postcard
Advertising card for agricultural land, discussing irrigation potential and climate. It is decorated with a cornucopia and fruits. Bottom right corner "Geo. C. Power 152 Main St. Ventura, Cal."
[No publisher stated]

Genoveva Spring at Wheeler's postcard
View of a spring with several people standing around it. The spring is in the foreground, with a small bridge over it. The people are standing next to or sitting on the rocks behind the spring. There are signs on the rocks. Caption at bottom reads:…

Main St. postcard
View looking down Main Street. The street is not paved and there are horses pulling wagons on the street. There are buildings on either side of the street. Caption at top reads: "Main St., Santa Paula, Cal."
[Newman Postcard Co., Los Angeles, made…

Bait shop on Pierpont Pier
Richard George Stobs (left) and Edward E. Mosher (right) standing in front of a bait shop on the Pierpont Pier.

Lima Bean Bread Delivery Truck
Bill Baker's delivery truck advertising Lima Bean Bread, Ojai. White truck is parked with driver in it. Writing on truck reads: Bill Baker's Lima Bean Bread Made in Ojai, California Ojai Good Bread - Soy Bean Bread - Gluten Bread - Whole Wheat Bread

Miss Ventura County Fair (Virginia Bagley)
Miss Ventura County Fair (Virginia Bagley) poses on the beach covered only by a diamond shaped sign reading: Straight ahead Ventura County Fair Sept. 12-16 1926.

Men in front of livery stables
William E. Kelley's Livery Stable in Oxnard is shown with two men standing in front of building with horses and one man sitting in wagon behind harnessed horse. Various advertisements are on front of building (Ben Hur Soap, various brand cigars).…
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