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C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery, Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo, taken from field across the street. Several unidentified men stand outside the building. Two trucks are parked to the left of the building, one loaded with plants. There is an automobile…

Children Outside, Palm Street Kindergarten
Mounted snapshot of four children playing in an outdoor garden area at Palm Street Kindergarten. Three children are sitting amongst a plant. One girl is standing and holding a large plant leaf in front of her face.

Couple Sitting in Garden
Outdoor scene showing a young woman and man sitting on chairs, or wooden supports, in a garden. The woman wears a leg-of-mutton sleeve blouse and dark skirt. She is looking towards the man. The man faces the viewer and is wearing a light hat, dark…

Court House Grounds postcard
Landscape view of the Ventura Court House grounds. The court house building is in the background with a fountain and the gardens in the foreground. A man is walking on a path towards the fountain. Caption at bottom reads: "Court House Grounds…

Daily and Sons Nursery
Interior view of a greenhouse or covered garden. View is looking down a walkway between rows of plants. An unidentified person is standing at a work table at the end of the walkway.

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Eliza Savage Rose Bushes
Shows an Elizabeth Savage rose bush, possibly in Theodosia Burr Shepherd's garden. Other plants are visible behind bush. Footpaths circle around the plants. A wood building is to the right of the garden.

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Farmhouse and Garden
Shows a small farmhouse and garden. Photo taken from the tilled garden space. Three small saplings appear to be growing in the tilled earth. The farmhouse is a single-story, wood structure. Large trees grow behind it. An unidentified man and two…

Flowering plant on house.

Flowers in Vase
Oval image of flowers in a vase. There are several bunches of light-colored blooms spreading up and outwards from the vase. The vase is tall and opaque.

Verso: Note reading, "Peony flowered double seed producing petunias, produced by Myrtle…

Friends Hiding Among Sand Dunes
Group of eight people, laying on sand dunes at the beach. Only their heads and shoulders are visible above dunes. Each person is wearing a hat.

Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louise Ruiz
Family photograph of siblings Gordon Nidever Ruiz, age 7, and Maria Louisa Ruiz, age 9, smiling sitting cross-legged on grass in a yard with plants and a fence in the background. Maria Louisa has her right arm around Gordon Nidever's right shoulder…

Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens holding a large root vegetable, possibly a sugar beet. Herman is wearing a light colored, button-up shirt. He is looking at the viewer. Other plants in background.

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Lath House at Nusbickel-Warren Nursery
Inside view of lattice covered plant nursery showing some irrigation piping. Caption reads "Lath House at Nusbickle-Warren Nursery Tr. 89."

Loading Truck at Daily and Sons Nursery
Exterior view of the rear of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo. Shows two trucks backed into an unpaved driveway. Four unidentified men load saplings from one truck bed to the other. To left of viewer is a garden covered by a pergola where…

Marijuana Bust in Oxnard, 1924
Marijuana found in Oxnard Aug. 7, 1924. Four men stand in front of confiscated marijuana plants. Men are (l-r): Harvey Waterman; H. M. Walker, Jr.; J. E. Chrisman; A. J. Murray "Police Chief" (Marshal).

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Martina Martinez Palomino and Beatrice Hinostro in Petunia Garden
Shows Mrs. Martina Martinez Palomino and her daughter Beatrice Hinostro in Theodosia Shepherd's petunia garden. Both women are dressed in overalls, light button-up shirts, and gardening gloves. Martina is kneeling with her hands on her knees. She is…

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Matilija Poppies postcard
Botanical illustration of Matilija Poppies, a native Californian flower. Four blooms are depicted in front of a neutral background. Each has white petals, which have a crepe paper like appearance, loosely surrounding large, round clusters of stamens,…

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Matilija River Valley

Max Riave Looking at His Garden
Snapshot of Max Riave looking at his garden. Max is in the left hand side of the frame and can be seen 3/4 view, standing with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt and a plaid pants. Various plants are on a ledge…

Morning Glories
Outdoor view of a field of flowers, likely morning glories. The flowers are trumpet shaped and have cordate, heart-shaped leaves. The plants completely fill the view.

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Nixon Family's Cacti Garden
Shows a cacti garden growing along the side of the Nixon family house. House is made of wooden slates. Garden includes several varieties of cacti. There is a window above the garden.

Museum records indicate that the Nixon home was located in…

Portrait studio view of a flower identified as a peony. Shows a single flower with several branches of small elliptic leaves. The flower appears to be sprouting from a small pile of soil.

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Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom postcard
Fields of mustard plants in bloom are depicted on either side of a dirt road leading to "Santa Paula Mineral Springs." Mountains are visible in the background.

Caption: Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom, Santa Paula Canyon,…

San Buenaventura Mission Garden, 1902
View of the garden at San Buenaventura Mission. Garden appears to be within a courtyard, with the bell tower visible in the background. The garden contains small trees, palms, and shrubs. There is a bench against the brick wall opposite of the…

Santa Susana Pass postcard
Bird's-eye view of Santa Susana Pass. It is a rocky area with two highway lanes cutting through it. Mountains are visible in the background. Caption at top reads: "Santa Susana Pass, Between San Fernando and Ventura, Calif." Caption at bottom reads:…
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