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San Buenaventura Reservoir
Birds eye view of San Buenaventura Reservoir and surrounding area. The image is looking east from Hill School. Palm Street runs down the center of the image and on the left is Oak Street. The pier can be seen in the distance. San Buenaventura, 1875…

San Buenaventura Mission Church
Street view of the San Buenaventura Mission Church. A man is standing in front of the building. Old Hill School tower is pictured in the upper left.

San Buenaventura Mission

San Buenaventura Mission

San Buenaventura Mission

Sailing ship at wharf.

Raising of Hill Cross
Hill Cross, Grant Park Cross, being raised on November 24, 1913. A crowd of people stand around the cross and the ocean and sky are visible in the background.

Port Hueneme Historical Museum, 1979
Port Hueneme Historical Museum in former Hueneme Bank building


Image of the pier from the beach.

People's Lumber Company, Old Mill, Santa Paula
Image shows the exterior of a wooden building with four men standing at an open door.


Painted Cave, Anacapa Island

Ortega Adobe, 1977
Exterior side view of Ortega Adobe showing a covered front porch area and the tiled roof.

Ortega Adobe, 1900
Exterior view of Ortega Adobe on West Main Street before its restoration, circa 1900. The dirt road leading up to it is visible as are some surrounding buildings.

Ortega Adobe Exterior
Snapshot of the Ortega Adobe. View from the northwest.

Ortega Adobe Exterior
Snapshot of the Ortega Adobe. View from the east looking at the front porch. Adjacent buildings visible in background.

Ortega Adobe
Exterior view of the Ortega Adobe on West Main Street in Ventura, CA. Snapshot taken prior to its refurbishment in the 1970s. There is some graffiti on the building and some chicken wire fencing around a section of the building.

Old Ortega Adobe
Exterior view of the old Ortega Adobe on West Main Street in Ventura. Photo is undated, but appears to be decades prior to the restoration in the 1970s.

North side of Main Street, Ventura just west of Palm Street; Anacapa Hotel, center, and Armory on left.

Newhall Mansion
Exterior view of the Newhall Mansion, also known as the Piru Mansion and Cook Mansion. Landscaping in front of the mansion as well as mountains behind visible.

Native Daughters Palms Postcard
A small park surrounded by a stone fence. A small building sits in the middle. The focus of the image are two huge palm trees, known as the Native Daughters Palms. The tree on the right has an illegible plaque attached to it, and a note in the top…

Southern Pacific Railroad Station and The Mill in Santa Paula, California
A view of a street corner in Santa Paula with a Morton Bay Fig tree taking up most of the image. In the background are the Southern Pacific Railroad Station as well as The Mill.

Text on back of postcard:
"The Southern Pacific Railroad Station of…

Mission San Buenaventura interior.

Mission San Buenaventura and Main Street, Ventura.

Copy of Brewster photo looking northwest from across Main Street at Mission San Buenaventura and Brewster's photo studio in quadrangle building, about 1874.

Copy of oval photograph of mission San Buenaventura (taken in 1866); six people standing at front entrance; swallow's mud nests on the bell tower.
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