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Feeding Ducks and Geese
Outdoor scene of unidentified man feeding ducks and geese at a small pond. Man is wearing suit and hat. Ducks, geese, and one chicken crowd at one end of the pond. Farm buildings and fence in background.

Fritz Huntsinger
A portrait of Fritz Huntsinger. He appears to be standing, turned slightly towards the right of the camera, smiling with open mouth. He was born 8 June 1899 in Eimeldingen, Germany; died 1 May 1986, Ventura, California.

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First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, post card
Exterior view of First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, with a horse and carriage stopped on one side.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (Printed by Polychrome Co., San Francisco, Cal.)]

Albert R. Albinger
Bust portrait of Albert R. Albinger (b. 1915, d. 1982), who was a Ventura City Councilman and Mayor. He is wearing glasses, a suit and tie, and looking into the camera.


J. Y. Saviers
Bust portrait of J. Y. Saviers, seated, wearing a suit, looking into the camera. Came to California in 1850, and Ventura County in 1869.

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Portrait of a man

Portrait of a man.

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