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The Portuguese Holy Ghost Fiesta is a tradition…

20-30 Club Meeting
A group photo of 22 men meeting for a 20-30 Club in 1942. Library resources identify 14 of the men as Alan Bryson, Gordon Lindsay, Ralph Viehrnan, Richard Nideffer, Harold Kelly, Clifford Yound, Nick (no last name recorded), Gordon Gill, Fred Baker,…

4th of July Parade, Ventura, 1876
Main street looking west from Palm street. In the foreground is the Monumentals, he first volunteer fire brigade in Ventura

5th and A Street Intersection Looking North toward B Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the sidewalk intersection on 5th and A streets at left, looking north towards B Street. Various businesses line both sides of the street, Colonia Realty Company visible on the right corner. Billboard advertisements for "Drink…

5th Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the B Street intersection looking northeast at 5th Street. Bank of A. Levy, Lehmann Bros., and Post Office visible on the left of the image. 1920's style parked cars lining the front of the buildings. Woman walking in front of the…

A Bachelor's Dwelling in Moorpark
Exterior view of a plain wood building. A trellis is next to a door, with vines growing from the trellis to the roof of the building. An unidentified man holding a hat stands in front of the house. A side door on the right of the house is open.

A Colorful Santa Paula, California Landmark postcard verso
Color view of a palm tree. Trunk of the palm tree is overgrown with foliage and red flowers. A white fence is visible in front of the tree. Houses and vehicles are visible in the background.

Caption: A Colorful Santa Paula, California…

A Cool Retreat, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of a person sitting on a small bridge over a creek.

[AZO (no other identification)]

A couple sitting on the beach.

A Field of Cala Lilies Near Ventura postcard
Two unidentified figures stand waist deep in a field of Cala lillies. The figure to the left stands facing the viewer with hands on hips and wears a tan colored suit and hat. The figure to the right stands facing the figure on the left but looks…

A Ford near The Foothills Hotel post card
"A Ford near The Foothills Hotel, Nordhoff, Calif." captions this postcard showing two women on horseback in the middle of a river.
[Rieder, Publ., Los Angeles, Cal.; Made in Germany, 12003]

Lima Bean Ranch postcard
View of a Lima bean ranch near Ventura. There is a car and two palm trees in the field. Caption at bottom reads: "A Lima Bean Ranch near Ventura, Cal." Duplicate of 22873 PC.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (C.T.American Art, Chicago), A-67988]

A Man in Spanish Costume Talks to a Group of Women
A group of women and one man listen as a man in Spanish costume addresses them from the top of a set of steps. Katherine Haley is among the group of women, who also appear to be in costume.

A man with a horse and cart on the beach in front of the ocean and wharf.

A Scene From The Wharf-Ventura, Cal. Post Card
View of the coastline from the wharf. Small waves lap the beach in the foreground. Several houses sit just behind the sand, framed by a variety of trees. A mountain is in the distance.

A Shady Nook, Sulphur Mt. Springs Near Santa Paula postcard
Color view overlooking Sulphur Mountain Springs and health resort situated on the riverbank. Resort is made up of several wooden buildings, with patio area supported by stilts, and a walkway down to the water. View taken from a trail, with trees…

A Shady Walk at Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A dirt path lined with trees near Wheeler Hot Springs.

Caption: "- A Shady Walk - At Wheelers Hot Mineral Springs - Ventura Co., Cal."

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4069]

A Street Looking South, Oxnard
Image taken from A Street looking south with the intersection of 5th Street visible. Bank of A. Levy on the left of the image. Building on the corner across the street has sign for Colonia Realty Company. 1930s style cars parked in front of the bank…

A Sugar Beet Field postcard
Foreground features a sugar beet field. In the background you can see trees and some sort of structure.
[Rieder, M., Publ., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 9339]

A View of Limoneira postcard
Bird's-eye view of Limoneira Ranch. Lemon trees are visible in the center of the photograph and a car in visible in the foreground. Buildings are visible behind the trees. There are hills in the background of the photo.
Caption at top reads: "A View…

A View of Ventura, Cal., Looking East From California and Main Streets postcard
This birds-eye view looking northeast from California and Main Streets shows numerous wood frame houses and commercial structures, including the Ventura Free Press building. The Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, located on Poli Street, is visible in…

A View On Oak Street, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
A view of Oak Street. Several Victorian style homes lined with pine and palm trees sit on the left side of the asphalt road, facing businesses with simpler architecture and telephone poles. A figure in a dress stands outside the telegram office on…

A. Kenagy
A. Kenagy riding a bicycle down a dirt street. Buildings can be seen behind him. He is wearing a suit and a hat.

Half portrait of A. L. Hobson, seated, in a tuxedo, looking at the camera.

A. L. Hobson and Tom Mix at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, 1921
Profile view of A.L. Hobson and Tom Mix on horseback at the Ventura County fairgrounds, 1921. Ferris wheel in the background.
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