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Location of Old Sycamore Tree, Rancho Ojai
Black line map showing the location of the old sycamore tree on property line between Carl Sattler and W. D. Blair, Rancho Ojai. Nordhoff Creek Road is visible running through both properties on middle of map. Other surrounding property belongs to…

Historic Sycamore Tree postcard
Color photographic postcard showing a large sycamore tree growing in the middle of a road, at the edge of an intersection. Behind the tree, citrus groves are visible.

Caption: Historic Sycamore Tree - tradition records General Freemont…

"The Rincon" California Coast Highway Between Ventura and Santa Barbara Post Card
Street view image of the Rincon Highway between Ventura and Santa Barbara. A Model T vehicle drives toward the foreground, along a paved bridge cutting through lush hillsides framed by large trees.
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