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A. Kenagy
A. Kenagy riding a bicycle down a dirt street. Buildings can be seen behind him. He is wearing a suit and a hat.

Antonio Maria Ruiz' Drug Store
Street portrait of Antonio Maria Ruiz' Drug Store at 729 State Street in Santa Barbara. Lights are hanging over the front and a man is on the left side of the picture walking towards to the right side. Antonio Maria Ruiz died in March 1922.

Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Interior view of the arcade on Ojai Avenue in Ojai, storefronts on left and arcade arches on right. Caption reads "Arcade Nordhoff, Calif.)
[AZO (Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.)]

Avenue Drug Store
Exterior view of the Avenue Drug Store. Car parked on sidewalk by building. Drugstore and Coca-Cola signs visible on front of building.

Note with photograph: "This was my father's Drug store from about 1910-1960. His name was John H. McClaran. I…

Baby Parade
Baby parade at the Ventura Street Fair. Babies in decorated strollers and dressed up children parade in a line down a street. Buildings, storefronts, banners, and street tents are visible. Caption on photograph reads: No. 53 Baby Parade Street Fair…

Bait shop on Pierpont Pier
Richard George Stobs (left) and Edward E. Mosher (right) standing in front of a bait shop on the Pierpont Pier.

Baltazar "Charo" Ruiz
Full portrait of Baltazar "Charo" Ruiz standing profile in front of a drug store window. He worked as a pharmacist. Writing is on the bottom margin of the photograph reading "Dear, 'Old Dad.'"

Banda Mexicana in Parade
Banda Mexicana in a parade performance for the annual Fillmore May Festival in 1928. It was also Cinco de Mayo. The band is marching past Roy's Garage.

Bank of A. Levy Sideview from A Street, Oxnard
A Street in Oxnard looking south with 5th Street intersection visible. To the left of the image is the Bank of A. Levy. Building on the opposite corner to the bank is the Colonia Realty Company. 1930s style cars parked on the curb along A street.…

Bartlett Bros. Agts. Group Photo
Group photo of five men standing in front of a store with its double front doors open. Writing on bottom of mounted photo numbers the men from left to right and lists them as: "1. DeTroy, 2. Fowler, 3. Bartlett, 4. Rasmussen, 5. Melchor". First…

Bird's Eye View of Main and Palm Streets, July 4 Parade
Bird's eye view from Main and Palm Streets of the Fourth of July Parade in Ventura. Spectators are standing along the street and in storefronts, horse-drawn carriages and horses in the street.

Bolyard & Son Studebaker/Jeep Agency
Street scene of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing the Bolyard & Son Studebaker and Jeep Agency. Row of cars parked on street outside of agency. Other businesses in background.

Building Restoration, Chestnut and Main Streets
Exterior view of the Ventura Theatre building undergoing restoration work. Scaffolding around corner of building at Chestnut and Main Streets. Signs for Hearne's and Book Store visible. Woman crossing street towards the building.

Cal Worthington Dodge Agency
Exterior view of Cal Worthington Dodge Agency at corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue. Shows storefront and drive-in entrance.

Clark Hotel and businesses on Main Street
View of E. Main St. looking south from Fir St. to Chestnut St. In photo is Musician Union Local No. 581 at 670 E. Main St., Pacific Finance at 668 E. Main St., and Clark Hotel at 664 E. Main St. Arthur Murray Dance Studio and Farmers Insurance Group…

Collins-Taylor Building, Ventura
Exterior front and side views of the Collins-Taylor building at the southwest corner of California and Main Streets in downtown Ventura, CA. Bank appears to be three stories and has a rounded corner where the entrance door is. There are some bicycles…

Delivery Wagon at Peirano's Store
A man sits in a horse-drawn delivery wagon in front of Peirano's store. Two men stand in front of the store. Sign reading "Nick Peirano" visible. Photo from Santa Paula Historical Society.

Dingman Photography Studio
Dingman Photography Studio located at 829 Main Street in Ventura. "1912" written on top left corner in black pen. There is a horse and wagon in front of the studio. The signage reads "Dingman Bros. Photos", and next door there is a shop that reads…

Downtown Oxnard, Calif. postcard
A street in downtown Oxnard, California circa the 1960s. Businesses pictured include F.W. Woolworth, Town and Country, See's Candy and Colby's.

[Roberts, Mike Natural Color, Berkeley 2, Calif. (published for Schulze News Co., Ventura,…

Drug Store, Stage Office, and Catholic Church, Camarillo postcard
View of a street lined with Camarillo businesses such as a mercantile company, drug store, and two cafes (one labeled Conejo Inn). An Associated Gasoline billboard is visible. St. Mary Magdalen, a Catholic church, is prominent in the background. Many…

E.W. Daily in an Automobile
Image portrays E. W. Daily behind the wheel of an early Ford coupe automobile. Behind him is A .J. Dingeman's Ford dealership in Oxnard. The outside walls of the dealership are made of brick. The interior of the dealership is partially visible…

<br />
E.W. Daily at Ford Coupe
Photo of E.W. Daily and Ford Coupe automobile in front of A.J. Dingeman's Ford Dealership.

Note: Museum Records indicate that Dingeman's Dealership was located on Saviers Road & 3rd Street, in Oxnard.

Emanuel Franz General Merchandise
Exterior view of a General Merchandise store with a woman and a young boy standing in front. Counters and shelving and products can be viewed inside the store through windows and doorways. The sign hanging above the shop indicates "E. Franz General…

F.E. Morrill & Son Groceries, Montalvo
Exterior street view of Morrill & Sons Groceries. Nine men are standing either on the porch or in front of the store. A baking powder advertisement can be seen on the side of the building.

F.E. Morrill & Sons Groceries and Hotel Montalvo
Exterior street view of five people standing on the porch in front of F.E. Morrill & Son General Merchandise store in Montalvo.
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