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"Egyptian Spring" Drinking Fountain at Wheeler Hot Springs
Closeup view of the "Egyptian Spring" drinking fountain at the Wheeler Hot Spring resort. Fountain has a relief of a lion with spout in its mouth. Spout empties into a stone basin with scalloped design.

Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
View of Libbey Park arcade entrances taken from across Ojai Avenue. Fountain between two entrance arches visible. Caption reads "Arcade Nordhoff, Calif."
[AZO (Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.)]

Bathhouse at Wheeler Hot Springs
View of the bathhouse at Wheeler Hot Springs. Fountain in foreground partially obscures building. Pathway on left side. Hand written label on the bathhouse.

California Mission San Buenaventura 1976 postcard
View of Mission San Buenaventura from the courtyard. Foreground shows the garden and fountain placed in front of the mission with freshly mowed grass as well as intricate blue and white tile along the base of the fountain. Background shows Mission…

Fountain Among the Trees
Image depicts a fountain in the center of a small grove of trees. In the foreground of the picture is a dirt walking path that leads up to the fountain.

Fountain at Old Jail-Now Located at Olivas Adobe postcard
Group of six men and one woman standing by the fountain at the old jail, now located at Olivas Adobe. The statue in the fountain is shown from behind but appears to be two children under an umbrella, and it appears to be frozen over. Known people in…

Fountain in the Courtyard at Rancho Camulos
Image depicts a fountain in the courtyard of Rancho Camulos. In the foreground are trunks of two slender trees. Between the trees is the fountain. Surrounding the base of fountain are potted plants and miscellaneous stones. A circular hedge circles…

Gabriel Ruiz's Group of Original California Spanish Dancers
Outdoor photograph of Gabriel Ruiz's group of Original Spanish Dancers in action on the dance floor. There are approximately fifteen to twenty figures in the picture with a fountain and Spanish style building in the background with various trees and…

Group Photo in Garden
Image depicts a group of four people, three women and one man, sitting in a garden. Each person in the photo has a number over them to help identify the person. From left to right, Nena del Valle Cram, Ysobel del Valle Cram, Charles Lummis, and…

Hotel Leewood, Ventura
Front exterior view of Hotel Leewood, also known as Leewood Hotel & Cafe. A Pierce-Arrow car is parked in front with the driver inside. The hotel has a fountain in front and the address was 1112 Santa Clara Street. Note on verso by Arvella Temple:…

Lopez Adobe
Lopez Adobe on land granted to Teodora and Raphael Lopez. Adobe was built in the early 1800s. Image is a close up view of what appears to be the front of the adobe showing a door and large window, tiled roof, and a chimney. The front courtyard has a…

North Elevation Detail Photos, Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Camarillo
North elevation detail photos for the seismic retrofit of Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Camarillo. Shows 12 photos of architectural details including reliefs, stairs, drinking fountain, and windows.

The Olivas Adobe, It Began in 1837 postcard
View of fountain at Olivas Adobe from two angles. Top image shows fountain close up with building in back. Bottom image shows fountain from further away with the entrance archway showing in background.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe…

Trees at Rancho Camulos
Image shows trees at Rancho Camulos. The trees are planted in a circular, horseshoe-like, shape with a hedge planted alongside them. There are potted plants and a fountain at the center. In the background to the left of the image is a building…

Ventura, CA. Court House and Park, 1906 Post Card
Landscape view of the original Ventura County court house. A small courtyard garden with fountain sits to the left, with the large two story stone building in the middle and attached clock tower to the right.
Caption: "Ventura, Cal. Court House and…
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