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Two Teachers
Monte Irvin (left) and John De La Rosa pose in a grassy field against a fence: "brand new teachers, fresh out of college". Monte taught 4th grade and John taught 6th, Kamala School in Oxnard. Monte died in 1961. John retired as a district…


Ulpiano Torigio Ruiz
Rectangular portrait bust of Ulpiano Torigio Ruiz in a suit, smiling and staring straight ahead. Instead of a photograph border marking the bust, the picture fades into the blank portions of the picture. Ulpiano Torigio Ruiz was the fourth child of…

Walter Walker
Full seated portrait of Walter Walker with rolled up sleeves and a cigarette in his right hand. Trees and the hills are visible in the background. Walter Walker was the husband of Louisa Ruiz Walker. He died in the 1930s.


White House Baseball Club
Group photo of the White House Baseball Club, a team of young male baseball players in uniform in three rows. In the top row there is a man between two of the players, and is presumably a coach. The coach holds two flags that read "White House." A…

Woody Ybarra
Group portrait of Woody Ybarra with two other young men. Woody, left, and another young man stand with one foot on the side step of a car, turning toward the camera and smiling at the viewer. Another man sits in the car facing to the right of the…

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Workers at Saticoy Bean House
Group photo of workers at Saticoy Bean House. It is an interior shot taken midwork. L-R: Panfilo "Bombi" Garcia, Adon "Chicano" Macias (in hat), Angel Reyes, unidentified, Pedro "Pete" Reyes, unidentified. Sacks of lima beans being filled read:…

Yanaginuma Wedding Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. George S. Yanaginuma posing for their wedding portrait. Mrs. Yanaginuma came to Oxnard to live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otsuki, who worked for Major Driffel, who was the foreman of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory.…

Yashiharu Inadomi and Friends on Beach
This image shows Yashiharu Inadomi posing for a picture with his friends John Otani and John Nichikawa. The name of the fourth individual is unknown.
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