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Crooked Palm
View of a crooked palm tree on Ventura Avenue. Palm's trunk has a distinctive 90 degree bend to the right.

Plaque at Sycamore Tree on Telegraph Road
Plaque commemorating a sycamore tree. Plaque itself takes up most of the image, with some of the words not visible due to the shadow of the tree's leaves. A small portion of the tree trunk is visible behind the plaque. Out of focus and to the left of…

Arnaz Adobe
This view of the front of Arnaz Adobe from a skewed angle. Shows a portion of the right side of the house. View of the walkway to the front door, the front door itself is hidden behind vegetation. A section of the roof and its shingles are clearly…

Arnaz Adobe
View of the Arnaz Adobe, an adobe style home, from the front angle. The front door is visible but somewhat hidden by vegetation. The second story of the home is somewhat shrouded by the overhanging tree to the far left of the picture. a portion of…

Olivas Adobe
Semi distant, exterior view of the Olivas Adobe (Old Adobe at Montalvo) in Ventura, California. A line of cedar trees and dirt yard in the foreground.

Additional information attached to photo.

Hueneme Light House postcard
View of the Hueneme Lighthouse, showing the main lighthouse building and nearby buildings and sheds. A water tower is visible in the background. A man stands in front of the wall surrounding the lighthouse.

Caption: Hueneme Light House, Hueneme,…

A Colorful Santa Paula, California Landmark postcard verso
Color view of a palm tree. Trunk of the palm tree is overgrown with foliage and red flowers. A white fence is visible in front of the tree. Houses and vehicles are visible in the background.

Caption: A Colorful Santa Paula, California…

Post Office, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Ojai post office on the right side of the image, showing Ojai Avenue on left and center of image. Arcade and Libbey Park on either side of postcard partially visible. Many cars are parked on Ojai Avenue.

Piru Mansion
Exterior view of the driveway leading up to the Piru Mansion and of the front and side of the mansion. Mansion appears to be in disrepair, as it has overgrown landscaping, a cracked driveway, and overgrown climbing shrubbery on the mansion itself.…

Ventura County Hospital Exterior
Ventura County Hospital front view of exterior, showing a large stretch of lawn with trees in front of the building. Cars are parked directly in front of the hospital and a car is parked on the street in foreground. A view of the "Five Trees" on the…

Ojai Portico and Post Office
Scene showing a group of people on horseback crossing the intersection where the Ojai Post Office building and portico stand. The arcade across Ojai Street is on the left of the image. Image taken from Signal Street looking south. Another two people…

Ruins of Santa Margarita Mission
Image shows a man standing next to the ruins of the Santa Margarita Mission, also known as Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia. Image shows the base of the building and a portion of the walls still intact, but the remainder of the building is…

Stereoscopic View of Mission San Buenaventura Palms
Stereoscopic view of Mission San Buenaventura palm trees and roofing tiles. The third palm was blown down in a windstorm in 1876. This may be the last known image of the "Mission Palms", according to the Ventura County Museum of History & Art's…

Three Palm Trees
Image shows three date palm trees standing in the San Buenaventura Mission orchard in early Ventura, CA. Originally there were four Arabian date palm trees in the orchard, which is in present day (2022) Mission Park. A man stands next to one of the…

Baker House, Poli and Catalina Streets, Ventura
Exterior distant view of the Baker House, northeast corner of Poli and Catalina Streets in 1919. Dirt road visible on the left is now Catalina Street. Farmland visible in foreground. Writing on photo points out Catalina Street and Main Street in…

Pagoda in Plaza Park, Oxnard
View of the pagoda at Plaza Park in Oxnard. Some people are standing around the structure and some buildings are visible in the background.

Stagecoach Inn, 1942
Exterior front and partial side view of the Stagecoach Inn in Newbury Park. Building appears to be in disrepair. There is a flag hanging from the front porch. House is framed by many trees.

Stagecoach Inn, 1890s
Exterior view of the Stagecoach Inn in Newbury Park. It is a two-story building with a porch and balcony. There are horse-drawn wagons loaded with grain, driver in seat, along the side and front of the inn. They are possibly headed for Hueneme. Cecil…

Stagecoach Inn, 1942
Exterior front view of the Stagecoach Inn in Newbury Park. Building appears to be in disrepair. There is a US flag and a Red Cross flag hanging from the front porch. Note on photo reads "Stage Coach Inn Taken 1942."

Stagecoach Inn, Newbury Park, 1895
A man in a cowboy hat sits on a horse cart attached to one horse. The man is next to a large tree with a fence alongside it. The Stagecoach Inn is in the background.

Ventura County Hospital
Ventura County Hospital exterior view including the driveway leading up to the hospital. Separate building visible behind the hospital on the left of the image. Significant image of "Five Trees" on the hill in the background.

Dedication of Ventura County Court House, 1913
Side view of the dedication ceremony taking place for the Ventura County Courthouse in 1913. Several people stand on the front entrance and side of the building. Chairs are set up in the grass in front of the building with several groups of people…

Ortega Adobe, 1977
Exterior side view of Ortega Adobe showing a covered front porch area and the tiled roof.

Ventura County Courthouse Renovation Showing Scaffolding
Construction scene at Ventura County Courthouse for a renovation to become the new Ventura City Hall. Image shows the front of the building with scaffolding all along the front. Photo taken from California Street possibly, as the right foreground…

Dedication Ceremony for Ventura City Hall
Dedication ceremonies for Ventura City Hall on Poli Street in Ventura. A large crowd stands on the front steps and on Poli Street, some sitting in folding chairs.
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