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Las Posas Reservoir (Formerly Allen Culbert Lease)
Overlooking agricultural field with dirt road lined with telephone lines on left and building and hills in background. Caption reads "Reservoir, SW corner TR 88 formerly Allen Culbert lease, looking N from L.P.W. Co [Las Posas Water Company]…

San Buenaventura Mission, 1870
Bird's eye view of Mission San Buenaventura from southwest direction, showing the adjacent cemetery. There is a wooden fence between the walkway in front of the mission and Main Street, which is made of dirt. A rock wall with tiles along the top…

Three Palm Trees
Image shows three date palm trees standing in the San Buenaventura Mission orchard in early Ventura, CA. Originally there were four Arabian date palm trees in the orchard, which is in present day (2022) Mission Park. A man stands next to one of the…

Cañada Larga Bridge
View of Cañada Larga Bridge, a small wooden bridge, Ventura Avenue, prior to 1899. Ventura Avenue is a winding dirt road.

Wheeler's or Matilija Hot Springs
Women and men in regular clothing stand around the edges of a pool. A group of boys swims in the pool. Wooden walls/fences around the pool with numbered doors, possibly changing rooms. A sign on one of the wooden walls reads "Bathing Suits 25¢ Pay in…

Dominga Sanchez, Child Portrait
Dominga Sanchez as a girl of about 5 or 6 stands on a sidewalk in front of a wooden gate or fence. Records indicate she is on Clay Street. Dominga wears a white dress. She is looking down to the ground off to the right of the viewer.

Soledad Ybarra and Jesus Muñoz
Outdoor portrait of Soledad Ybarra (standing) and Jesus Muñoz, daughter of Pascula Garnica. They are standing in front of a fenced garden. Soledad looks at the viewer and Jesus is turned to her right facing off to the left of the viewer. Both are…

Conejo Grade postcard
Conejo Grade, State Highway between Ventura and Los Angeles, Calif., birds eye view, with two cars on the highway.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Calif.; T.C. Co., Chicago, A72273]

Causeway Near Ventura
A lady stands at the railing of the Rincon causeway looking at the Pacific Ocean next to a stopped automobile. The winding causeway around a mountain in background. Pacific Ocean is to the left of photo.
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