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Charles F. Blackstock
Oversize upper torso portrait of Honorable Charles F. Blackstock in Judges Robe. He was appointed as Judge of the Superior Court on May 21, 1946. He retired November 1, 1959. Judge Blackstock is holding a open law book and is sitting in front of a…

Portrait of a woman.

Page from a book with a drawing of Alaska.

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Portrait of a woman.

View of the Interior of the Library, Santa Paula postcard
View of the Interior of the Santa Paula Library, showing a man looking through a book, the stacks, columns toward the middle of the building, and pendant lighting.
[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 2573]

Library Assistant and Children at West End Branch Library
Interior view of the West End Branch Library in Ventura. Library Assistant, Mrs. J. Greenway is seen with three children. They are (Left to Right) Jr. Jackson, Bobby Miller and Lorene Livingston. The children are each looking at a book. Bobby is also…

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Gordon Ruiz, age 5; Maria Ruiz, Age 7
Full portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz at age five and Maria Louisa Ruiz at age seven sitting on the same chair. They are sitting in a room surrounded by a chair, desk, books on a bookshelf and hanging portraits. Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa…

Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood, seated outdoors holding an open book in their laps. Both look off to the left of the viewer. Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood were from El Rio. Photo appears to be cut out into an oval shape.

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Henry Storrow Carnes
Bust portrait of Henry Storrow Carnes, a pioneer of Santa Barbara who came in days of Stevenson Regiment. Carnes looks at the viewer while holding an open book in one hand, the other hand resting on a page.

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Children at West End Branch Library
Interior view of the West End Branch Library in Ventura, where three children sit with books open in their laps, engrossed in reading. Children are (l-r): Jr. Jackson, Bobby Miller and Lorene Livingston.

Ventura County Bookmobile
A Ventura County Free Library bookmobile parked with back door open. Two patrons, a woman and a man browse the books on one side of the bookmobile. A third patron can be seen browsing books at the back of the vehicle.

Delee S. Marshall in the Research Library
Interior view. Shows Delee S. Marshall standing behind a counter in the Research Library at the Ventura County History Museum (now called the Museum of Ventura County). She appears to be working with stacks of paper arranged on the counter. Rows of…

Torn Altar Cloth
Image shows a torn altar cloth. A lighter color fringe can be seen at the top of the cloth. The same light colored fringe can also be seen on the bottom of the cloth. At the bottom of the altar cloth there is a scalloped pattern with embroidered…

Bedroom with Altar and Heirlooms
View of a bedroom at Rancho Camulos. In the center of the image is the bed. The bed is covered by decorative sheets and blankets. Bookshelves on each side of the bed. On the right is an altar with a pattered altar cloth. On the left is a couch. There…

Message Inscribed Inside Book Cover
View of the inside of a book cover with a message written. The message reads "Susanita Del Valle, with the best wishes of Chas F. Lummis Feb. 3, 1888"

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Cover to C.F. Lummis' Photo Album
Image shows the cover art to Charles Fletcher Lummis' photo album of Rancho Camulos photographs. Depicted on the cover is art of a Catholic rosary, a side portrait of a woman, a photograph of a building, and art of two sunflowers. The title reads…

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Althea Malden and Mrs. Bard
Portrait of Althea Malden (left) and Mrs. Bard (right) seated together. Malden holds a book in her hands. Mrs. Bard is working on a sewing or knitting project. Malden wears a light-colored dress and is looking towards Mrs. Bard. Mrs. Bard is wearing…
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