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Staunton Family near Tahoe A
Four photos depicting DeLee and the Staunton family, most taken near Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe.

Photo A: DeLee wearing swimwear and standing in a shallow river.

Photo B: Closeup view of DeLee smiling towards the viewer.

Photo C: DeLee…

Group Photo Near Matilija A
Two group photos taken in the area of Matilija Canyon.

Photo A: Several people sit on a boulder. Identified as C. C. Staunton, Jenny Stump, Doris Pennypacker, Annie Hanrahan, DeLee Staunton, and Peggy Staunton.

Photo B: Several people pose by a…

Scenes from DeLee's Childhood A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton's childhood.

Photo A: DeLee and her mother Peggy Staunton stand on rocks looking over tide pools at Moore's Cottages Beach, Solimar. Peggy wears a wide-legged swimsuit and a sunhat.

Photo B: DeLee sits…

DeLee Playing on Beach A
Three photos of DeLee playing on the beach at Moore's cottages, now Solimar.

Photo A: DeLee sitting on the beach. Using a small tool, she shovels sand into a bucket. Automobile in background.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother Peggy sitting on the…

Ventura Beach and Moore's Cottage Tide Pools A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton and her parents at the beach.

Photo A: Peggy and DeLee build a sandcastle with moat surrounding it.

Photo B: DeLee lies on the beach next to a sandcastle. She lies on her stomach and is propped up on her…

Magda Locano Admiring Dolls
Interior scene at a Salvation Army "Doll Tea" event. Shows Magda Locano standing beside a table displaying rows of dolls. She holds one doll in her hands. Other people in background. Photo taken for Ventura County Star-Free Press 10 Dec 1986,…

Young Woman with Book
Outdoor portrait of a young woman standing next to a two-story wooden building. She is wearing a small, brimmed hat, blouse, and skirt. She is holding a notebook or writing tablet and a pair of gloves. She is smiling and seems to roll her eyes…

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Outdoor scene showing a young woman posing in front of a window of a wooden building. The woman is wearing a light colored skirt and blouse. She is smiling and looking towards the viewer. She has one hand on her hip. On ecru cardboard backing.

Mrs. Bean Trimming Roses
Outdoor scene showing Mrs. Bean cutting roses from a climbing rose bush in her garden. The roses are climbing up the side of a house. Mrs. Bean wears a dark skirt and light blouse. View appears to be taken in a side garden.

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Women Doing Laundry
Outdoor scene showing Marietta Hughes and Blanche Hughes Coultas doing laundry. They are using a wringer on wet clothes, with a washboard and laundry plunger used to agitate laundry in the nearby washtub. Tree and buildings in background.

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Althea Malden and Mrs. Bard
Portrait of Althea Malden (left) and Mrs. Bard (right) seated together. Malden holds a book in her hands. Mrs. Bard is working on a sewing or knitting project. Malden wears a light-colored dress and is looking towards Mrs. Bard. Mrs. Bard is wearing…

Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard
Seated portrait of Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard. She is holding a sewing project on her lap. She wears a lacy, white blouse, a bead necklace, and round glasses. Her hair is curled and pinned back. She looks directly at the viewer.

Garden Scene, Berylwood
An outdoor garden scene showing the Bard family at their home in Hueneme, Berylwood. Left to right: Anne playing with dog, Berle seated, M. B. Bard knitting, Tom lying on ground, unidentified woman and girl behind Tom, baby Richard in buggy, and…

Mrs. Wong Ah
Portrait of Mrs. Wong Ah standing by a display window of a storefront. She wears a dark dress with pleated skirt. Her hair is styled in finger waves. She looks towards the viewer. Portions of cans are visible through the storefront window.

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Luana and Daisy Jue
Portrait of Daisy Jue holding baby daughter Luana. Luana is wearing a sweater and is wrapped in a blanket. She stares towards the viewer. Daisy wears a thick coat and has her hair curled and pulled back. She smiles slightly towards the viewer.

Toy Ah Tim and Henry Sem
Studio portrait of Toy Ah Tim (seated) and Henry Sem (standing). Toy Ah Tim wears an embroidered satin dress. A purse is on her lap. Henry wears a sweater, light-colored pants, shirt, and tie. Both look towards the viewer.

Two Women on Front Porch Steps
Image of two unidentified women sitting on the front porch steps of the E. W. Daily home in Camarillo. Both women are looking directly at the camera. Porch pillars are visible on both sides of the women. In the background the front door is visible…

Three Women Standing Outside Patio
Picture of three unidentified women standing side by side outside of a patio. All of the women seem to be wearing dress coats with the women on the left and the right holding flowers. They are standing on the grass lawn which takes up most of the…

Young Woman Sitting on Porch Railing
Picture of an unidentified young woman sitting on the concrete railing of the E. W. Daily home. The woman is sitting with her legs crossed and her hands holding her knees. She is wearing a patterned dress with a collar. She has her hair up and…

Woman Standing in Front of Fence
Unidentified woman standing in front of a lattice fence. The woman is looking at the camera and smiling. She is wearing a hat and coat. One of her arms is holding a purse close to her chest while the other arm hangs by her side. Behind the fence…

Two Women Outside of Home
Picture of two women, likely Mrs. E. W. Daily and her mother Mrs. Crowley, standing in front of a house. The women appear to be conversing with one another. The woman on the left is wearing a fur coat. The woman on the right is wearing a dress coat.…

Two Women in a Natural Pool
Picture of two unidentified women sitting in a natural pool. Both in swimwear with the woman on the left wearing a swimming cap. They are crouching in the water so that the water reaches to their upper arms. Behind the women is a large cliff face…

Swimming in Natural Pool
Image depicts four unidentified women, but likely related to the Daily family playing in a natural swimming pool. All four of the women are smiling and wearing swimsuits. Woman in center is holding hands with the women on her right and left. She is…

Women Outside the E.W. Daily Home
Blurry exterior view of four unidentified women outside of the E.W. Daily family home. Three of the women sit on the steps of the house while the fourth woman stands beside them. The House appears to be of Craftsman design with square pillars on the…

Six Women Group Photo
Six unidentified women standing for a group photo, possibly women of the Daily family. All of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. The sun seemingly beaming down on the women as all the women are squinting. Four of the six women are smiling.
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