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Main Street in Camarillo, 1927 postcard
View of "Main Street, Carmarillo" [misspelled], with telephone poles and businesses lining the street.
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Cal.; Sohmer, Theo., Los Angeles, 903]

Main St. East, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Main St. East - Ventura Cal."
Street view of Main Street, from the middle of the middle of the street. Mission San Buenaventura and its bell tower are in the foreground on the left. Businesses line the right side of the street, with an…

Fillmore Street Scene, 1908
Street scene of early Fillmore. Taken from center of an unpaved road. Trees, powerlines, and storefronts line the road on both sides. Horse drawn carts and buggies visible parked and traveling towards and away from viewer.

Group Photo at Asano Store
Group photo of Japanese American men standing outside the Asano Store in El Rio. Four of the men are holding children of various ages. Kamezo Asano is seated in the front, third from the right. Storefront and sign visible behind the group. A sign in…

Hallstead's Auto Electric and Radio Shop, Fillmore
Exterior front view of Hallstead's Auto Electric and Radio Shop on Central Avenue in Fillmore. Car is parked in entryway, with additional cars and structures visible in background.

Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue
Curbside view of Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue. Three people are visible walking on sidewalk in front of theater. Adjacent storefronts made of brick. Early automobiles parked on street in front of theater.

Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley
Street view of several buildings on Los Angeles Avenue in Simi. Street is unpaved and several buggies are parked beside buildings.

Signage on leftmost building reads: "W.S. KEIR. DEALER IN GEN'L MERCHANDISE. SIMI STORE."

People's Lumber Co. Yard in Moorpark
Exterior view of the People's Lumber Co. yard in Moorpark taken from the street outside. Two buildings of the yard are visible, one with "Peoples Lumber Co." painted in large letters on its side, the other with a sign reading "Peoples Lumber Co.…

Ojai Arcade and Post Office
View of the Ojai Arcade and post office, taken from the north side of the main street, looking west. Arcade's walkway is visible, with a lone person standing near the storefronts. A sign advertising telegraphs is visible above one of the storefronts.…

Ojai Arcade
View of the Ojai Arcade taken from the street, looking west. Roll shades are visible in five of the arches, with four shades displaying the merchants' names. An automobile is parked parallel outside of the Arcade. On the left side of the image is the…

Bird's Eye View of Main and Palm Streets, July 4 Parade
Bird's eye view from Main and Palm Streets of the Fourth of July Parade in Ventura. Spectators are standing along the street and in storefronts, horse-drawn carriages and horses in the street.

Emanuel Franz General Merchandise
Exterior view of a General Merchandise store with a woman and a young boy standing in front. Counters and shelving and products can be viewed inside the store through windows and doorways. The sign hanging above the shop indicates "E. Franz General…

Main Street, Santa Paula, Looking West postcard
Street view on Main Street, Santa Paula, Calif. Looking west from the Bootery store. Automobiles are visible driving on the street, and parked in angled rows along the sidewalk. Storefronts are visible on each side of the street, including Wrigley's…

Main Street, Santa Paula Looking East postcard
Street View, looking east on Main Street, Santa Paula, Calif. Automobiles visible driving and parked in angled rows along the storefronts. Many businesses are visible on both sides of the street, including the Limoneira Building, Wineman Co.,…

Main Street, Ventura Parade
Bird's eye view of a marching band making its way down Main Street near California Street in Ventura, CA. Three men on horseback follow the band. Several spectators on one side of the street are in the image. Some storefronts are visible, including…

Main Street, Ventura Pre-1908
View of Main Street in Ventura, showing Armory Hall on the left with the Anacapa Hotel next to it. Street in foreground. Scene also shows carriages and wagons parked on the street. A horse-drawn wagon is traveling on Main Street as well.

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair in 1900. Storefronts are visible as are tents for fair vendors set up in front of the stores. In front of the tents, a large crowd watches the parade procession that includes men…

Collins-Taylor Building, Ventura
Exterior front and side views of the Collins-Taylor building at the southwest corner of California and Main Streets in downtown Ventura, CA. Bank appears to be three stories and has a rounded corner where the entrance door is. There are some bicycles…

Oxnard, California postcard
View of 5th Street in Oxnard, looking eastward. It is a busy scene showing cars parked along the street, cars driving on the street, and pedestrians crossing the street. Among the businesses, signs announce there is a Rexall Drugs, another drug…

Santa Paula, Calif. 1944 postcard
View of Main Street in Santa Paula in 1944, showing Main Street running down the middle of the image, cars parked in front of businesses on either side.
[No Publisher Stated]

Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile Storefront
Exterior view of Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile, the Sanchez Family store, storefront on a sunny day. The store sits on the corner of Main and Mountain View Streets with entry doors facing the corner. The building has a painted sign that reads…

Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile Storefront
Exterior view of Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile, the Sanchez Family store, storefront taken from across the street. The store sits on the corner of Main and Mountain View Streets with entry doors facing the corner. The building has a painted…

Banda Mexicana in Parade
Banda Mexicana in a parade performance for the annual Fillmore May Festival in 1928. It was also Cinco de Mayo. The band is marching past Roy's Garage.

Main Street, Moorpark, California postcard
View of Main Street in Moorpark with businesses visible on right side of postcard, including a corner grocery store. Large trees line the street and people are walking along the sidewalk on the right and cars are parked on the street.

Baltazar "Charo" Ruiz
Full portrait of Baltazar "Charo" Ruiz standing profile in front of a drug store window. He worked as a pharmacist. Writing is on the bottom margin of the photograph reading "Dear, 'Old Dad.'"
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