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Derailed Train, Fillmore
Derailed train engine and tender west of Fillmore following a flood in 1911. Engine car is lying on the ground sideways, and tender is still upright and partially on the train tracks. A man is seated on top of the wreckage and looking towards the…

Moorpark Railroad Depot
Exterior view of the Moorpark Railroad Depot. Depot building is two story, with the first story stretching out alongside the train platform. Railroad tracks are visible in the foreground.

Man Leaning on Railroad Signal
View of a man, possibly Bert Jesse Shaw, leaning against a railroad signal in Montalvo. He is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a dark coat, and is posed with a hand on his hip. Railroad tracks are visible in the foreground.

Intersection of Route 126 and Sespe Avenue Survey, Fillmore
Grey pencil survey map of intersection of Route 126 (Highway 126) and Sespe Avenue in Fillmore. Highlighted along Route 126 are eucalyptus trees, sycamore trees, bushes, a stop sign, telegraph poles, and the edges of paved shoulders. The S.P.R.R.…

Sugar Factory, Oxnard postcard
A view of the American Sugar Beet Company factory in Oxnard, California. It is a very large multi-story brick building. Additional smaller buildings on the site are visible along with tanks, two tall smokestacks, railroad tracks and various…

Railroad Trestle Bridge across Devil's Gulch
Distant view of railroad trestle bridge across Devil's Gulch on Ojai branch line. This was highest trestle in southern California from Grade Road, Ventura to Ojai.

Southern Pacific Depot, Santa Paula
A large crowd is gathered outside of the Southern Pacific Railroad depot. They gather on the platform and also near the tracks. A bus, bicycle, and baby carriage re visible.

Front and Palm Streets, Ventura
Front Street and (probably) Palm Street looking northeast. Image shows the intersection with the right side of image showing Front Street with a woman standing next to the railroad tracks; the left side shows Palm Street with a railroad crossing sign…

Oil Well and Equipment
View of the lower portion of an oil well (rig) and equipment in Oxnard Field. Railroad tracks are visible in the image.

Oil Well Rig and Railroad Tracks
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. Railroad tracks and railroad stop lights are visible. One of the stop lights has a sign with the number 4103 on it.

Santa Paula Railroad Station
A group of men, women, and children gather around the railroad tracks at the Santa Paula Railroad Station. In the background are large crowds of people on the train platform.

Crowd at Santa Paula Depot, 100th Anniversary of Railroad's Arrival
Group photo of a large crowd gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Southern Pacific Railroad coming to Santa Paula. The crowds cheers and watches a diesel engine pull a ceremonial 100th anniversary train into the station. Train in the…

Santa Paula Railroad Centennial Celebration
A large crowd gathers around the outside of the Santa Paula Railroad Station and on the opposite side of the station across train tracks to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the first trains coming through Santa Paula. Railroad tracks run…

Santa Paula Railroad Centennial Celebration
A large crowd gathers around the outside of the Santa Paula Railroad Station to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the first trains coming through Santa Paula. The railroad tracks are in the foreground. Some children and adults are seen…

Rincon Point postcard
View of Rincon Point, cars on Highway 101 in middle of postcard, beach on the left, and train tracks with train on the right.
[Roberts, Mike, publisher, Berkeley, Calif.; Published for Schulze News Co., Ventura, CC, C7963]

Blanchard's Packing House
View of Railroad tracks on left of photo and packing house on right of photo. A man stands between the tracks and building. Bottom of photo is captioned "Blanchard's Packing House, Santa Paula, Cal." Photo from Santa Paula Historical Society.

Sespe Bridge During Rainstorm
View of Sespe Bridge in Fillmore during a rainstorm. Water is coming up over the bridge. Some writing on photo in white. A blurred figure is in the photo on the right side.

St. Francis Dam flood damage near train tracks
Birds eye view of damage alongside train tracks

Ventura County Railroad
Snapshot of a the Ventura County Railroad train being boarded for an excursion from Oxnard to Hueneme. A large group of people can be seen gathered around the tracks and appear to be boarding an open air car.
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