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Oil Derricks at End of Pier
Image showing derricks at end of a pier. Image shows ocean in the foreground and pier mid-image. Museum records indicate: "Mobil Pier 'Ferguson' Lease (offshore area) derrick at end of pier are Honolulu Oil Co. - 22 width." On white cardboard with…

Oil Well Rig and Railroad Tracks
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. Railroad tracks and railroad stop lights are visible. One of the stop lights has a sign with the number 4103 on it.

Oil Well Rig
View of an oil well (rig) in Oxnard Field. A small truck and train tracks are visible. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Portable Drilling Rig
Bird's eye view of a portable drilling rig, most likely cleaning out or reworking a previously drilled well. Standing tubing stock piled on ground for future use.

Oil well drilling rigs, Summerland Pier, California.

Flooded Area Opposite Fillmore
Birds eye view of flooded area opposite Fillmore, 18 Mar. 1928 Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Oil wells in Summerland
Faded photo in a border with words reading "Oil Wells. Summerland, Cal." along the bottom. Another photo attached to backside.
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