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Torrey Canyon
Mounted photograph showing a bird's eye view of oil wells, buildings, and equipment at Torrey Canyon.

Oil Rig On Little Sespe-Fillmore, California postcard
View looking up at a wooden oil derrick on a hillside. A man is standing on a narrow road below the rig. Some oil drilling equipment is visible on the road.

[Sourvenir Publishing Co., San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal., S234]

Ventura County Oil Fields
Bird's eye view of a road running through the middle of oil fields, with derricks, storage tanks, and buildings visible on either side of the road. Museum records describe this as "Ventura County Oil Fields", but do not specify exact name.

Ventura Avenue Oil Field, 1935
Aerial view of Ventura Avenue Oil Field in Ventura, CA.

Associated Compressor Plant - Ventura
Bird's eye view of an oil field with a building in the foreground. Photo is labeled "Associated Compressor Plant - Ventura." Numerous oil derricks in the background.

This image is numbered "Anderson 21" and is part of a collection of photographs…

Hardison and Stewart Oil Rig
View of oil rig on the right side of the image, some men with large pipes mid image and another piece of equipment on the left of the image. There are buildings in the background and behind those are tall hills or mountains. According to library…

Oil Well Rig Lower Portion
Closeup view of the lower portion of an oil well drilling rig. A truck is visible on the left and a pumping unit visible on the right. Library records indicate the location is "Getty Oil Company Ventura Field, UL and W Lease?" Two images mounted on…

Oil Field Scene
Bird's eye view of a large oil field with oil derricks, buildings, trucks, equipment, and workers on the scene. Library records indicate it is possibly "Shell Oil Company Taylor Lease, Ventura Field." Two images mounted on white cardboard.

Oil Well Rig Bird's Eye View
Bird's eye view of oil well rig with cars and equipment all around it on a hilltop. Location unclear, but library records indicate it may be "Shell Oil Company Taylor Lease, Ventura Field." Background show another hillside to the right of image with…

Continental Oil Company, Rincon Gasoline Plant
Exterior view of Continental Oil Company, Rincon Gasoline Plant on Pacific Coast Highway. Railroad tracks in foreground, hills with oil derricks in background. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Distant view from across a highway (Pacific Coast Highway in foreground) of Chancelor Canfield Midway Oil Company at Rincon Field. Buildings and oil derricks dotting the hillside in the background are visible.

Oil Well Rig Along 5th Street in Oxnard
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. 5th Street is visible in the photograph. Cars parked alongside the street. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Standard Derricks Along Railroad Tracks
Standard derricks are lined up along railroad tracks at Rincon Field. Railroad tracks run from foreground through the center of image, derricks and small buildings on left, utility poles on the right, and mountains in the background.

Oil Derricks at End of Pier
Image showing derricks at end of a pier. Image shows ocean in the foreground and pier mid-image. Museum records indicate: "Mobil Pier 'Ferguson' Lease (offshore area) derrick at end of pier are Honolulu Oil Co. - 22 width." On white cardboard with…

Oil Well Rig and Railroad Tracks
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. Railroad tracks and railroad stop lights are visible. One of the stop lights has a sign with the number 4103 on it.

Oil Well Rig
View of an oil well (rig) in Oxnard Field. A small truck and train tracks are visible. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Portable Drilling Rig
Bird's eye view of a portable drilling rig, most likely cleaning out or reworking a previously drilled well. Standing tubing stock piled on ground for future use.

Oil well drilling rigs, Summerland Pier, California.

Flooded Area Opposite Fillmore
Birds eye view of flooded area opposite Fillmore, 18 Mar. 1928 Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

The Avenue oil field
View of the avenue oil field from a hill overlooking the site.

Oil wells in Summerland
Faded photo in a border with words reading "Oil Wells. Summerland, Cal." along the bottom. Another photo attached to backside.
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