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Ventura County Courthouse and Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital.

Main and Oak Streets, Ventura, 1896
View of Main Street in Ventura from the corner of Main and Oak Streets facing west. Bank of Ventura on left side of photo and horses and carriages are parked on the street. Bottom of photo captioned "Main Street Ventura."

Main Street Parade

Earliest known photograph of downtown Ventura, California, view of Ventura SE from hill.

View of Ventura from behind the mission.

View of Ventura SW from hill.

View of Ventura South from hill,

View of Ventura from hill behind mission.

Earliest known photograph of downtown Ventura, California, view of Ventura SE from hill.

Main Street, Ventura, 1877
View of Main Street in downtown Ventura in 1877. Shot is straight down the dirt and businesses are lined up on the outer edges of image. Several people are in front of businesses and men on horseback as well as horse drawn wagons are in the street.…

Panoramic View of Ventura, 1925-26
Panoramic view of Ventura taken by Mrs. Niles ca 1925-26 (maybe earlier) from the Bath House or Civic Auditorium, second floor. Shows California Street to the Courthouse. Identifiable buildings: Methodist Church (corner of Oak and Meta), Sifford home…

Men and women on the front porch of Tico Adobe, Main Street.

Ventura Theatre Opening
View of crowds of men and women gathered in front of Ventura Theatre on Chestnut Street for its opening in August 1928. View is of theatre from across the street from a second story possibly. It appears to be evening. Marquee section that is visible…

Acme Bottling Works
Side-view from the street of Acme Bottling Works, northwest corner of Hemlock and Poli Streets in Ventura

Old Ventura Residence, Tico adobe on corner of Main Street and Spruce.

Ventura City Hall at corner of Main Street and California. Angel of Mercy Statue in view in from of City Hall.

Mercer house next to Mercer Garage on Main and Chestnut.

Main Street, Ventura, 1900
View of busy Main Street, Ventura, looking west from intersection of Main and California Streets. Horse and wagons line the street and people are walking around. Everything is adorned with US flags and bunting, possibly for Independence Day.

Main Street, Ventura, 1875
View of Main Street, Ventura, looking west from the library. A horse and delivery wagon? are on the left side of photo and houses and business line Main Street, which is a dirt road.

Photo number 6129 has "Ventura 1875" printed along the bottom.

Street view of the bell tower of San Buenaventura Mission.

North side of Main Street, Ventura just west of Palm Street; Anacapa Hotel, center, and Armory on left.

Snapshot of Main Street, Ventura
Snapshot of automobiles and people on Main Street, Ventura. Many storefronts visible.

First National Bank
Exterior view of First National Bank at the corner of Main and California Streets in Ventura. Horse and wagons and an open car are parked on the streets, and there are people on the sidewalk.

Oak Street, Los Angeles Stables
View of Oak Street looking eastward toward hill. There is a horse and carriage in the middle of the dirt road, and there are horse and carriages in the street, as well as open cars. Los Angeles Stables, located at 408 Oak Street, is visible on right…

Ventura, Bird's Eye View, Circa 1915
Bird's eye view of Ventura, looking southeast from above Poli Street, shows Hotel DeLeon, taken post 1915.
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