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Young Girls Wearing Kimonos
This image shows Tazuko Inadomi (front left) and Chiyeko Inadomi (center) posing with their friends. The young girls are dressed in kimonos.

Yasuye Takasugi at the Asahi Market
This image shows Mrs. Yasuye Takasugi posing with her children in front of the Asahi Market. Nao Takasugi is the boy at the right of the frame.
Asahi Market, 660 Saviers Road, Oxnard, California

Yanaginuma Family Portrait, 1922
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. George Yanaginuma seated with their young children: Peter, Kiyoshi, and Kiyomi. Interior group portrait.

Woodrow Wilson School, Oxnard
Exterior view of Woodrow Wilson School taken from across the street. Image shows the front and right side of the school. Building is a two-story structure in the center with one story adjacent buildings on either side. Windows on the building in the…

Women Doing Laundry at FSA Camp
View of two women cleaning laundry at outdoor wash sinks. A young girl stands next to the sinks. A boy is leaning on the frame that covers the washing area. Tents and drying line visible in background.

Shot at the Farm Security Administration…

Women and girls washing clothes.

Ventura Beach Scene postcard
A beach scene in Ventura with numerous fully dressed people sitting on the sand. Other people in silhouette are standing in the water. Children are playing in the shallow water at the edge of the surf. On the left side of the image is a horse and…

Ventura Beach and Moore's Cottage Tide Pools A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton and her parents at the beach.

Photo A: Peggy and DeLee build a sandcastle with moat surrounding it.

Photo B: DeLee lies on the beach next to a sandcastle. She lies on her stomach and is propped up on her…

Valley dirt road with woman, child, and mountain backdrop.

Valentine's Day Card - "To My Valentine" Boy and Girl
Valentine's Day card with a heart cutout in front that reveals a boy trying to give a girl a bouquet of flowers. "To My Valentine" is printed along the bottom.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas…

Uozumi Family Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. Uozumi seated posing with their children. Typical 'dressy' fashion for the period can be seen in full detail. The family is posing on the front-facing exterior of a family home. This is a daylight, full group photo.

Two Children Standing in Front of House
Image of two unidentified children standing on the walkway to a house. The child on the right is older than the child on the left, who appears to be a toddler. The front of the house and a portion of the patio is visible although somewhat shrouded by…

Two Children at Palm Street Kindergarten
Image of two children sitting together with arms wrapped around each others shoulders. They look at the viewer. They are outdoors on a playground at Palm Street Kindergarten. Other children play in the background.

Trinidad and Adela Ordoñez With Two Children
Group outdoor portrait, of Trinidad Ordoñez, right, and Adela Ordoñez, left, standing with two younger children. It is unclear which is Trinidad and which is Adela, and the younger children are unnamed. Photo was taken in Silver City, New Mexico,…

Trays of Pitted Apricots
A large group of children and adults pose around trays of pitted apricots at Faulkner Ranch in Santa Paula

Tom Kurihara Family Portrait, 1930
This image shows the Tom Kurihara Family posing for a family portrait. The children are wearing traditional Japanese kimonos.
From left to right: Masaye Yoshida, Kuniye Kurihara, Mrs. Tom Kurihara, Masaru Kurihara, Teruo Yoshida, Tom Kurihara,…

Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. in Muddy Clothes
Portrait of Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. at 2 years old standing barefoot and covered in mud, McFarland Ranch, Oxnard. He stands with his back towards the viewer, looking over his right shoulder at the viewer. Laundry hanging on a clothesline is visible…

The Adobes Near Somis
Photograph mounted on cardboard depicting a group of people in front of "The Adobes" Las Posas near Somis. These were destroyed by the railroad in summer of 1899. Bottom of photo at right reads "Obiol residence", but this is incorrect.


Takeda Family Portrait
This image is an interior group portrait of the Takeda family.
L-R: Shisaku Shimizu, Magoichi Takeda, Mr. Tamura, Hoyo Takeda. Children: Hiroshi, George, and Miyoko Takeda.

Takasugi Family Portrait, 1932
Portrait shows grandparents Gorokichi (top center) and Tsuta Takasugi (seated right) posing with Frank and Tono Takasugi (seated) and their eight young children, who are standing or sitting.

Takasugi Family Portrait, 1923
This image shows Frank and Tono Takasugi posing with their three children. Left to right, George, Frank holding Knox, Tono, and Leonard. This is a full view, group portrait that appears to have been taken in a portrait studio.

Sunday School Picnic 1910
Group portrait of a Sunday school class picnic. The children pose in a group by a eucalyptus grove. The children are dressed in formal attire. The smallest children are in the front and the taller children in the back of the group. To the right of…

Students outside of the Montalvo School
The exterior of the Montalvo School and students posed sitting and standing along the fence by the school.

Students Building the Castle
Several children build a castle or several castles outdoors at the Ojai Valley School. They are building on a round, stone platform. Two children are using a wheelbarrow. The school visible in the background.

Street scene with people, bicycles, and automobiles.
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