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Laundry Scene on Meta Street, Oxnard
A view of laundry drying on clotheslines outside of houses on Meta Street, Oxnard. Wash basins are visible against a building. On right side of scene are a woman and man seated on the ground by a building. The woman is wearing a polka dot dress and…

Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. in Muddy Clothes
Portrait of Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. at 2 years old standing barefoot and covered in mud, McFarland Ranch, Oxnard. He stands with his back towards the viewer, looking over his right shoulder at the viewer. Laundry hanging on a clothesline is visible…

Women Doing Laundry at FSA Camp
View of two women cleaning laundry at outdoor wash sinks. A young girl stands next to the sinks. A boy is leaning on the frame that covers the washing area. Tents and drying line visible in background.

Shot at the Farm Security Administration…

Snow on Middleton Ranch
View of snow on trees and ground on Middleton Ranch in Oxnard, perhaps taken from a second story. An orchard is in view as well as a clothesline.
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