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Simi Adobe postcard
Exterior view of Simi Adobe with a rock bearing information on El Rancho Simi i bottom right corner.
[Amescolor, N. Palm Springs, CA, 40333-E]


Sespe Bridge During Flood 1914 postcard
Three men and two women stand on the Sespe Bridge, some smiling and looking at the camera. There is a lot of debris on the bridge, and the water beneath it is raging and appears very high. Bottom left of postcard has "Marcy" written on it.
[VELOX in…

Harbortown Marina Resort postcard
View of boats at a marina on a sunny day, bottom left of postcard states: Harbortown Marina Resort.
[Dynacolor Graphics, Miami Florida, P48713]


Arlington Hotel, Santa Barbara Earthquake Damage postcard
Exterior view of extensive earthquake damage to the the Arlington Hotel. Caption at bottom states: Arlington Hotel, Sta. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25.
[No Publisher Stated, 10]

Illustrated image of the front face of the Ros-Eda Motel at U.S. 101 and Saviers Road, Oxnard.
[Colourpicture Publication, Boston, Los Angeles, K5920]

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California Hotel, Santa Barbara Earthquake Damage postcard
Hotel with extensive earthquake damage; interior wall intact but outer walls are crumbled to the ground. Two men stand at bottom of photo. Caption at bottom states: Calif. Hotel, Sta. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25.
[No Publisher Stated, 37]

Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, Santa Barbara Earthquake Damage postcard
Three men in suits and hats walk in front of a church with extensive earthquake damage. Caption at bottom states: Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, Sta. Barbara Earth Quake, 6-29-25.
[No Publisher Stated, 20]

Mission Santa Barbara Earthquake Damage postcard
Photo postcard showing earthquake damage to the top of Mission Santa Barbara. Caption at bottom states: Old Mission, Sta. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25.
[No Publisher Stated, 46]


Plaza Park and Post Office, Ventura postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Ventura on Santa Clara Street from Plaza Park across the street. Park grounds in foreground. Many cars are parked along Santa Clara Street.
[No Publisher Stated; EKC in stamp block]

Valley Outpost Lodge, Ojai postcard
View of a motel--with one building with a sign that reads "Office" and more buildings/cottages behind it. In the foreground is a gravel driveway and there is an area with tables and seating surrounded by rocks. Appears to be made by hand.

El Roblar Hotel postcard
View of Ojai Avenue in front of El Roblar Hotel, which is visible on the left hand side of the postcard. Post office building is on the right further down the street. Overhanging tree branches are at top of postcard.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.,…

Young female voters Ventura County.pdf
A short document about some of the first women voters in Ventura County.

This document summarizes information about the League of Women Voters and the Ventura County chapter of the organization. It includes a list of presidents and accomplishments since its founding in 1959.

U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory postcard
Exterior view of U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, a large two story building along the beach. Beach is seen to the right of image and in the background there is a pier and mountains.
[U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme,…

Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs postcard
A group of women in long dresses or skirts and wide brimmed hats stand around a creek at Matilija Springs. A man lays on a rock looking into the creek. The caption on the top right states: Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura Co.,…

View of a path between orange groves with snowy (?) mountains in the background. Postcard is captioned "Orange Grove in California, Near Ventura" at the top.
[Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 85]

United States Naval Air Missile Test Center, Point Mugu postcard
Guard booth at the entrance to United States Naval Air Missile Test Center, Point Magu. There is a guard/sentry station with two notices on the outside. One reads "Dim Lights for Sentry" an the other reads "REMEMBER What You SEE Here What You DO Here…

Port Hueneme Postcard
Aerial view of Port Hueneme from the ocean to the mountains. Port of Hueneme on the middle right.
[Columbia Publishing; Curteich, John Hinde, 1633; T541]

Ronald Reagan Library postcard
Bird's eye view of Reagan Library with an image blended into this main image of Ronald Reagan smiling on the left side of the postcard. Bottom of image caption states "Ronald Reagan Library."
[Columbia Publishing; Curteich, John Hinde, 2045; T694]

Photograph of Woman Advertisement Postcard
An unidentified woman wearing an off the shoulder ruffled long dress and flowered hat while holding a camera and leaning against a tree on a postcard. There is writing on the bottom border of the postcard:
"It's just great here. When you come be…

Central Park, Suphur Mountain Springs postcard
An outdoor scene with a man and woman in a horse drawn wagon with two children standing next to them in a grassy area near what appear to be cabins. There is a border around the image with a caption at the bottom: "Central Park, Suphur Mountain…

Greetings from Oxnard, California postcard
Postcard stating "Greetings from Oxnard, California" with five photos depicting various beach and ocean scenes on a yellow background with a lifesaver near the bottom attached to ropes. Middle photo shows a group of six women running along the beach…


Ojai Valley Country Club postcard
Exterior view of the Ojai Valley Country Club, grass in foreground and mountains in the background. A flagpole is visible on the left.
[American Colortype, Chicago]


Valley Outpost Lodge, Ojai postcard
Swimming pool at the Valley Outpost Lodge. In the pool are two children in flotation devices. Women sit at tables or on lounge chairs around the pool. In the background is the lodge, which appear to be a series of cabins/rooms, with a parking area in…

TV Thriller at Corriganville postcard
Scene showing a television production being filmed at Corriganville. A television crew is positioned on the left, a man, possibly an actor, dressed in western attire on a horse is in the middle, and a truck filled with equipment is on the right.…
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