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Theodore A. Kelsey Home in Saticoy
Exterior view of stores on E. Main Street. Shows a two story brick building with businesses that share walls. A car is parked on the left of the image.

From l-r: Nettie Ward (Real Estate?) at 936 E. Main St.; Apollo Theater at 934 E. Main St.;…

Main St. East, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Main St. East - Ventura Cal."
Street view of Main Street, from the middle of the middle of the street. Mission San Buenaventura and its bell tower are in the foreground on the left. Businesses line the right side of the street, with an…

Meta Street Looking West, Ventura postcard
View of Meta Street in Ventura, looking west. Prominently features a multi-story home on the corner followed by two one-story homes, and then a church. A horse and carriage can be seen in front of the church.
[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno…


West side of Mission San Buenaventura looking northeast from across Main Street; Norfolk pines are about 30 feet tall.

Santa Paula Hardware Co., Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the corner of the Santa Paula Hardware Co. a two story building. Victorian-style architecture is seen on the second story portion of the building. The street pictured with the building is somewhat busy with men waiting outside of the…

U.S. Post Office, Santa Paula postcard
Postcard of the Santa Paula post office. Shows the front of the building with entrance in view. View from the street shows an unidentified brick building to the left of the post office and trees to the right of the post office.

[No Publisher…

St. John's Hospital, Oxnard, Calif. postcard
View of St. John's Hospital in Oxnard from the street. The foreground shows the street as well as the bushes and trees in front of the hospital. Behind the vegetation lies the hospital with a Christian cross on top of it.

[No publisher stated, 3]

Street View, Oxnard, California postcard
Views of a busy street in Oxnard. Shows multiple cars driving and parked throughout the street. Shows businesses and storefronts on both sides of the street.

[DOPS in stamp area]

Ventura, California (Shows Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia) postcard
Street view of Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia with signs visible. Shows a man waiting on a bench as well as cars parked on the curbside. A liquor store neighboring the Poinsettia establishment is also shown.

[No publisher stated]

Fillmore Street Scene, 1908
Street scene of early Fillmore. Taken from center of an unpaved road. Trees, powerlines, and storefronts line the road on both sides. Horse drawn carts and buggies visible parked and traveling towards and away from viewer.

View of Fillmore, 1890s
Street view of early Fillmore, taken from past the railroad tracks. Several buildings including a saloon are visible. Frame work of a building under construction is visible in the distance, left of center. Mountains in the background.

Sign Protesting Santa Paula City Council
Santa Paula street scene showing white truck parked next to sidewalk. Sign standing in truck bed reads "We love [heart symbol] Santa Paula except for the double standards you have for Mexicans. King in City Hall! [rest of sign illegible]." Buildings…

Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue
Curbside view of Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue. Three people are visible walking on sidewalk in front of theater. Adjacent storefronts made of brick. Early automobiles parked on street in front of theater.

Ojai Arcade
View of the Ojai Arcade taken from the street, looking west. Roll shades are visible in five of the arches, with four shades displaying the merchants' names. An automobile is parked parallel outside of the Arcade. On the left side of the image is the…

Main Street Ventura, between Palm and Oak
A street view of Main Street from Palm to Oak streets. Storefront signs are visible and include Blue Bird Cafe, Jeweler R.W. Cummings, Nash Clothing Store, Billiards, J.C. Penney, Piggly Wiggly, New York Cafe, Hardware store, Mission Cafe, Hotel…

Hotel Rose
Exterior view of Hotel Rose at Main and Chestnut Streets. The view of the road with additional buildings extends into the background. The caption at the bottom of the photograph reads "Hotel Rose, 1890, later Hotel De Leon, Main and Chestnut Streets,…

Entrance to Thacher School Postcard
A dirt road lined by trees and small plants, leading to Thacher School, Nordhoff, California. Caption at bottom reads "Enterance Thacher School Nordhoff Cal."
[No publisher stated]

Main Street Ventura Looking East, 1925-1930
Looking east on Main Street in downtown Ventura, CA. Large building on left is the Union National Bank, later replaced by Security Pacific Bank. Hotel De Leon visible at right of image with Chestnut Street just past the hotel. A restaurant or café…

Main Street, Nordhoff, California postcard
Street view of Main St., Nordhoff, California. To the left of the viewer there is a wooden utility post and a wooden building. To the right of the viewer there are shops along the dirt road. Signs for a bakery and a grocery store are visible.…

Main Street, Santa Paula, Looking West postcard
Street view on Main Street, Santa Paula, Calif. Looking west from the Bootery store. Automobiles are visible driving on the street, and parked in angled rows along the sidewalk. Storefronts are visible on each side of the street, including Wrigley's…

Main Street, Santa Paula Looking East postcard
Street View, looking east on Main Street, Santa Paula, Calif. Automobiles visible driving and parked in angled rows along the storefronts. Many businesses are visible on both sides of the street, including the Limoneira Building, Wineman Co.,…

Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
A street view of the two-story Citizens State Bank building, located on Main Street in Santa Paula. The building has an arched entry and ornate ironwork over two windows facing Main Street. American flags mounted on poles line the sidewalks on Main…

Main Street, Ventura Pre-1908
View of Main Street in Ventura, showing Armory Hall on the left with the Anacapa Hotel next to it. Street in foreground. Scene also shows carriages and wagons parked on the street. A horse-drawn wagon is traveling on Main Street as well.

Palm and Santa Clara Streets in Ventura, 1908
Intersection of Palm and Santa Clara Streets, showing many houses along Palm Street and some businesses. Businesses include Richardson's (?) Vulcanizing Works, a garage, and a hotel along Palm Street. Santa Clara Street sign visible on a pole on…

Pioneer Chili Packing Company
Exterior view of Pioneer Chili Packing Company, later the E.C. Ortega Company. It is a view of the building from across train tracks running next to the building. Next to the packing company, the Ortega Adobe is visible.
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