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Mound School, 5th and 6th Grades, 1933
Group photo. Mound School fifth & sixth grade class 1933. Mr. Hartman, principal & teacher. David Hill, third from right, second row from bottom. Some children hold various items--balls, flowers, a cat, a turtle.

Madeline Miedema Portrait
Portrait of Madeline Miedema, seated at her home in Oxnard, possibly in 1994. Madeline is looking upward at the viewer while holding a scrapbook in her hands. She wears glasses and a blazer over a print dress, smiling at the viewer.

Wallace L. Hardison
Portrait of Wallace L. Hardison, seated, looking into the camera. He is wearing a suit and tie and glasses. He sits in an ornate chair.

[copy of portrait by David Hill, Feb. 1977]

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Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson
Bust portrait of Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson. Appears to be an illustration. She is wearing a scarf around her head tied at her neck and small wire rimmed glasses, looking to the left of viewer. Catherine E. Guiberson was born 21 Nov. 1805.

Erle Stanley Gardner, Set of Portraits
Contact sheet of 12 bust portraits of Erle Stanley Gardner in various poses. He is in a short sleeved button down shirt with a pocket, pen in pocket, and he is wearing glasses.


George Washington Faulkner
Bust portrait of George Washington Faulkner, later in his life, as he has white hair and a short white beard. He is wearing a suit and tie, glasses, and is looking directly at the viewer.

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Olive Mann Isbell Portrait
Bust portrait of Olive Mann Isbell, taken later in her life. She is wearing her hair up, is wearing glasses, and is looking at the viewer. The image is in a card with a circular frame around Isbell.


Edward Drummond Libbey
Bust portrait of Edward Drummond Libbey wearing a dark suit, tie, and glasses. He is turned to his left slightly but turned to look at the viewer.


David Flynn
Portrait bust of David Flynn, wearing a suit, tie and glasses looking slightly left of the viewer. Flynn was a Ventura Co. Supervisor, appointed 1931 and served to 1934.
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