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Model of Proposed Ventura County Forum of the Arts
Black and white photograph of a model of the proposed Ventura County Forum of the Arts building high above downtown Ventura on 14- acre site (Serra Cross - Grant Park)

Solari Ranch
Panoramic photo of Solari Ranch at Central Ave. and Highway 101. A Ford car is in the foreground with Mr. John (Jack) Mitchell standing. Tom Steele ran the thresher. Agricultural equipment, men, horses and wagons can be seen as well.

Steel Bridge Across Arroyo Sespe
Oversized image of the 300' steel bridge across Arroyo in Sespe. The bridge was erected by Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co.


Oxnard Plain
Composite view of the Oxnard plain with a large barn in the foreground. Mounted.


Southern Pacific Railroad Depot at Goleta
Black and white photograph of the Goleta Depot of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The depot features prominently in the image, one man can be seen standing to the side of the building. Museum records indicate that this depot originally stood east of…

Ventura Oil Field and Ventura Ave. Panorama
Panoramic bird's eye view of Ventura Oil Field and Ventura Avenue.

Rincon Causeway
Scenic view of Rincon Causeway. A car is driving down the causeway and a group of people are leaning on the railing on the ocean side of the road. The ocean and mountains can be seen on either side of the causeway. Museum records indicate, that, the…

Mexican Construction Crew at Casitas Dam
A Mexican construction crew is standing in the ditch of Casistas Dam with large bins of boulders between them. The men are holding or leaning on shovels. In the ditch are men identified as Gruemell and Donlon, but it is unclear which men they are.
Vta. Sr. Hi School & Jr. College & fleet of buses. Bus drivers L-R: Frenchy Esperance, Hap Stevenson, Ray Van Noy, Charles Day, Supervisor of Transportation, Lem Coy, Howard Williams.

Lima Bean Harvesting
Lima bean harvesting crew in the field. Men, horses, wagons and agricultural equipment in a panoramic view with mountains in the background.

Hanging Rock at Matilijia
Landscape of Hanging Rock at Matilijia. The creek runs under hanging rock with a stony shore on either side. There are mountains and trees in the background.

Morrill Feed and Livery Stable, Montalvo
Sepia photograph of Morrill Feed and Livery Stable, with a dirt field in the foreground.


Dedication of Montalvo Bridge
Ceremony for the dedication of the Montalvo Bridge across the Santa Clara River. Crowds of people and what appear to be horses and carriages are gathered around.

Shell Oil Pump
Mounted image of a man in a uniform, seen from behind, pumping gas from a Shell oil pump to a Cadillac car. Typed and pasted below the image is the following:

"Next time you go with your father or mother to have the gas tank of your car filled,…

C.O. Morrill
Portrait of C.O Morrill inside of his family's store: F.E. Morrill & Son in Montalvo, Ca. He is seen standing behind the counter with one arm learning on the glass counter tip. Housewares including dishes, glasses and pitchers are stacked on shelved…

Port Hueneme Harbor
Panorama made of 5 separate photographs mounted, showing Port Hueneme Harbor, channel, buildings, automobiles, docks, Port Hueneme lighthouse and breakwater.

Port Hueneme Harbor
Panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor made of 6 separate images mounted, includes: main channel, Port Hueneme lighthouse, docks, water, construction being done on docks in foreground.

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Port Hueneme Harbor
Panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor includes: main channel, Port Hueneme lighthouse, docks, water, construction being done on docks in foreground.

School Buses and Cabrillo Middle School
Panoramic mounted image made up of three separate photographs showing school bus barns with parked buses and Cabrillo Middle School. The Methodist Church Tower can be seen behind bus barns. There are trees and what appears to be a field on the…

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Judge Walter J. Fourt
Oversized print of a bust portrait of Judge Walter J. Fourt sitting in his Judicial robe in front of an open bookcase of law books. "Robert Dana Teague" and "Judge Walter J. Fourt" are written on the back of photograph.

Museum records indicate…


J.C. Brewster
Oversized print of a bust portrait of John Calvin Brewster. The print is on a cardboard backing with Brewster's signature. He is seen here in a dark suit and tie with glasses sticking out of a pocket. He is bald but has a white or grey beard. The…

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Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Ventura Avenue Oil Field and Ventura Avenue
Panoramic view of the Ventura oil field from a mountain. Oil wells can be seen on the left.


Ventura Oil Fields
Panoramic view of an oil field. Many oil derricks are seen interspersed between winding roads and trees. Various buildings and large holding tanks are also visible.

The Old Rice Rancho
Panoramic landscape view of the Old Rice Rancho in Matilija Canyon, Ventura. A large field with trees is in the foreground with a mountain in the background.
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