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Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph

Lane of Trees at Camarillo Ranch
An view of a lane of trees on Camarillo Ranch. Portions of buildings can be seen behind the trees.

Quote associated with this negative explains, "Often the dining room would not accommodate its many guests. A string of tables would be set up down…

Old Creek Road
A landscape view of Old Creek Road. A dirt road is seen cutting through a field with trees on either side of the road. A vehicle that appears to be a horse drawn wagon is driving down the road.

Nursery and County Bridge Over Canada de los Nogales
Looking over young tree plantings across bridge to nursery and buildings. Caption reads "Looking SE toward Nursery from SE corner Tr. 73, showing County bridge on Stockton Rd. over Cañada de los Nogales."

Hondo Ranch Valencias from Aggen Road
Western view of Valencia orange orchard with Aggen Road to the right. Caption reads "Looking W. from Aggen Rd across 4 year old Valencia Orange grove. Tr 18 (BI Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch) South of entrance road."

Hondo Ranch North View of Valencia Grove
View of orange orchard on left side of image with a wind row on the right side of image. A dirt path in image center. Caption reads "Looking north from SE corner Tr 18. 4 year old Valencia Orange grove (B.I. Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo…

Hondo Ranch East View of Upper Road across Lemon Grove
View of a road between lemon grove on right and wind row on left of image. Caption reads "Looking east at upper road across 3 year old lemon orchard TR 17 (B.I. Co [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch Tr 18)."

East View from L. P. W. Co Reservoir
View of agricultural fields with building and trees and foreground. Caption reads "Looking east from L.P.W. Co. [Las Posas Water Company] Reservoir at SW corner Tr 88 across Tr 88 and 89."
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