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Lift Station Details for the Ojai Valley Inn (1 of 2)
Illustrations of lift station details for the Ojai Valley Inn. Illustrations include overhead section view, electrical diagrams, typical pump wiring, and electrical installation. Sheet 1 of 2.

Funeral Procession, Dr. Bard
Bird's eye view of the funeral procession for Dr. Cephas Bard showing several people walking down Main Street followed by horse drawn carriages. Intersection of Main and California Streets in Ventura are shown, as well as many businesses on Main…

Main Street, Ventura Postcard
View of Main Street in Ventura, looking westward from California Street. Main Street is not paved, trolley tracks are visible on the ground, and there are many horse and carriages in the street and stopped in front of businesses. City Hall with…

Highway 101 and Causeway Postcard
Photograph of Highway 101 and the parallel causeway titled "S.B. 101 Causeway, Coast Highway, Between Ventura and Santa Barbara, California" with the handwritten note: "Part of this Blvd. washed out last week - with high tides." A few cars are…

Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph
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