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Althea Malden and Mrs. Bard
Portrait of Althea Malden (left) and Mrs. Bard (right) seated together. Malden holds a book in her hands. Mrs. Bard is working on a sewing or knitting project. Malden wears a light-colored dress and is looking towards Mrs. Bard. Mrs. Bard is wearing…

Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard
Seated portrait of Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard. She is holding a sewing project on her lap. She wears a lacy, white blouse, a bead necklace, and round glasses. Her hair is curled and pinned back. She looks directly at the viewer.

Nena del Valle Cram with Guitar
Portrait photograph of Nena del Valle Cram. She is sitting on a bench wearing a dress and a cloth headscarf. She is holding a guitar in her portrait.

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group of seven people posing for a picture on a bench at Rancho Camulos. There are five people with numbers over their heads for identification purposes. From left to right there is Enedina del Valle, Susanita del Valle, Charles Lummis,…

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group photo taking place in Rancho Camulos. Three women and one man sitting on a bench make up the image, with two big wooden doors on either side of the subjects. Each person with a number over their heads in order to identify the…

Ysobel Del Valle Cram With Guitar
Image of Ysobel Del Valle Cram with her guitar. She is the center of the image with a blank background behind her. She wears a dark dress with a head cloth that covers her hair. She looks directly at the camera as she holds the guitar like she is…

Del Valle Girls and Veranda at Rancho Camulos
Two images. Left image depicts two girls from the Del Valle family. Ysobel del Valle Cram and Nina del Valle Cram sitting. Ysobel is plays the guitar. Both women are looking to the right. Right image shows a veranda at Rancho Camulos. Shows the…

Portrait of Two Livingston Women
Portrait of two women from the Livingston family, taken at their cabin in Oregon. Mrs. Lee Ruth sits on a chair, wearing sunglasses. Behind her stands an unidentified younger woman. The young woman's eyes appear closed or pointed downward. In the…

Livingston Family Portrait
Portrait of the Livingston family, taken at their cabin in Oregon. Shows Mrs. Lee Ruth, sitting in a chair in the middle with an animal in her lap. Standing directly behind her are two younger women, the one on the left is the only person not looking…

Sam McVey
Portrait of the African American boxer Sam McVey. He is in a boxer's fighting stance with his front fist extended out & raised shoulder level. His back hand is raised to his chest & his palm is open. His backfoot is slightly raised off the ground as…

Henry and Johnny Kuhlman
Seated portrait of Henry and Johnny Kuhlman as young adolescents. Both boys are dressed in suits and their hair is coifed. Henry is looking at the viewer. Johnny appears to be gazing at Henry or at something out of view and to the left of the viewer.…

Cat Dressed in Baby Clothes
A short-haired tabby cat dressed in what appears to be baby clothes. The cat seems to be content. It is seated on a chair with a pillow behind it.

Portrait and History of Mr. Hall Soo Hoo
Bust portrait of Hall Soo Hoo. Hall is shown as an older man. He wears his hair combed back. He is wearing a suit and tie. He appears to be smiling or laughing, and is looking towards the left of the viewer.

Attached to the portrait is a history…


Portrait of Reverend Baba Kusaburo and His Wife
Portrait of Reverend Baba Kusaburo and his wife. Kusaburo stands on the left side of the image, holding a cane in one hand, a book in the other. He is wearing a dark coat and has a long, white beard and mustache. Kusaburo's wife sits on the right…

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Military Photographers Group Portrait
Outdoor group portrait of six male military photographers seated and kneeling on steps. Four men holding up their cameras. Man in center wearing a different uniform than the others. One man appears to be smoking a cigar.

Note: Museum records…

Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner and Granddaughter
Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner seated on a bench to the right of a window. Her toddler-aged granddaughter is seated on her lap. Wagner holds her granddaughter with one hand and a flower in the other. She is looking out the window, to the viewer's…

Group Photo at Asano Store
Group photo of Japanese American men standing outside the Asano Store in El Rio. Four of the men are holding children of various ages. Kamezo Asano is seated in the front, third from the right. Storefront and sign visible behind the group. A sign in…

Portrait of a Weary Firefighter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
Portrait of a firefighter sitting on the ground, massaging his right foot. His boot is on the ground next to him. He is holding his sock in his right hand. His face appears to be smudged with dirt or ash.

Note: Museum records indicate that the…

Attilio Vanoni
Full body portrait of Attilio Vanoni, shown walking toward viewer. Vanoni is wearing a dark coat, light pants, and glasses. He is holding what appears to be a hat in his left hand. Foliage visible in background.

Alice B. Chick Portrait
A half body portrait of Alice B. Chick. Alice wears a light-colored, long sleeve dress and a large decorated hat. She is turned slight towards the viewer's right.

Chick Family Portrait
Group portrait of Alice Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Leroy B. Chick, and baby Gwendolyn M. Chick. Amelia is seated in the center and is holding Gwendolyn. Door and wooden building shown behind the family.

Four Generations of Chick Women, Moorpark
Group portrait of Antoinette Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Alice B. Chick, and Gwendolyn M. Chick. Amelia is seated and holding Gwen. Door and wooden building visible behind the women.

Note: Museum records indicate that Antoinette Chick was…

Chick and Bristol Family Portrait
Outdoor group photo of Alice B. Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Leroy B. Chick, and Allan. Allan is shown as a young child standing in front of Amelia Bristol.

Note: "Allan was Leroy B's son by his first marriage."

Sherlock Bristol Seated with Grandson Leroy Bristol Chick
Outdoor, full portrait of Sherlock Bristol seated with his grandson, Leroy Bristol Chick standing to the right. What appears to be a hat sits on the ground to the right of Bristol and Chick. A garden and a house with windows are visible in the…
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