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Seaside Park
The west end of Seaside Park. Small palm trees line two dirt paths. A sign point to "Camp Grounds" at head of one of the paths.


Corner of Ash and Main Streets, Ventura
View of palm trees lining the sidewalks in front of two story houses. Taken from the corner of Ash and Main Street. It is unclear which street the houses are on.

Ventura County Courthouse Construction
The skeleton of concrete construction and scaffolding shown for the building of the new Ventura County courthouse on Poli and California Streets in Ventura.

House on Poli (?)
House with palm trees and evergreen tree. Possibly on Poli Street. One glass plate negative.

Chestnut Street in Ventura
View of Chestnut Street in Ventura, taken from Poli Street looking toward the ocean

Mission palm trees and garden
Mission palm trees and the Mission garden with Santa Clara House behind garden. The Hill School can be seen on the hill. A wooden fence is pictured on bottom right of photo. Photo is mounted and back of photo reads in pen: "Native Daughters".

Ewing home, NE corner either Poli St. and Chestnut or possibly Poli and Catalina Streets

Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph

House with Family Posed in Front

House on Poli

Palm Trees and Foothills, by J. C. Brewster.

Two images, Columbo Street Court House and Columbo Street palm trees.


Dual image of Main Street and Hotel De Leon.

Stereoscopic view of Mission San Buenaventura palm trees and roofing tiles.

Mercer house next to Mercer Garage on Main and Chestnut.

Moving a House.


Moving a house.

Portrait of family on porch of house.

Main Street, Rose Hotel and Courthouse from Main Street, Ventura.

Residential street.

Decorated Car on Parade
A little girl sits atop a decorated car. "Annual Poinsettia Festival Parade of decorated cars. Thanksgiving Day. Ventura population 18,000. Chamber of Commerce release."

Marching Band on Parade
Marching band makes it way down a residential street. Band appears to be made up of young men, dressed in suits with bow ties and hats. Historic Landmark 28, Southern Methodist Episcopal Church in the background.
"Annual Poinsettia Festival Paradeā€¦

Three "Mission" palms trees just south of Main Street and west of the Mission.

Three "Mission" palm trees just south of Main Street and west of the Mission.
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