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Sunset at Low Tide 1919 postcard
View facing towards the ocean of a beach in Ventura. The low tide gives the sand a wavy texture on the beach. The sun sets behind the clouds at the top of the image. There are three people walking along the beach, only their silhouette is visible. In…

Hueneme, Cal. 1935 postcard
This image shows the beach of Port Hueneme from the side view pointing inland. The ocean waves coming from the right side of the wash over the beach sands. There are some building in the background of the image.

Verso: Typical postcard backside.…

Ventura Marina postcard
View of the Ventura Marina shows a beach filled with surfers. In the water and on the sand are a multitude of surfers. In the distance the Channel Islands can be seen in the skyline.

Verso: Describes the importance of this surfing spot in Ventura…
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