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Oak Street View
Birds eye view of Oak Street looking south. Buildings, houses and trees can be seen from above.

Residential neighborhood.

Residential street.

Court House postcard
View of the front of the Ventura Court House. It is a large building with a uncovered porch and a short fence around it. A car is parked in front of it, and several palm trees block the building. Caption at top reads: "Court House. Ventura,…

Downtown Plaza in Oxnard
A panoramic view of the downtown plaza in Oxnard and surrounding streets. View shows Poggie's Drug Store, Oxnard Courier, Charles Rowe Livery & Feed Stable, Eagle Bathhouse, Oxnard Fire Station, L.B. Hdw & Impl. Co., Louis Brenneis Machine-Implement…

Adolfo Camarillo and Abe Hobson on Horseback
Adolfo Camarillo and Abe Hobson both seated on horseback. Adolfo Camarillo is astride one of his distinctive Camarillo White Horses. Abe Hobson is riding a black horse. Other people, horses, and an automobile are visible behind the two men.

Ventura County Courthouse Complex postcard
Bird's eye or aerial view of the Ventura County Courthouse complex showing City Hall North in the back as well as the large hills and parking lot behind the building complex. Poli Street visible in front of the complex, as well as landscaping in…

Highway 101 at Lewis Road in Camarillo
Bird's eye view of the intersection of Lewis Road and Highway 101 in Camarillo, CA. Photo possibly taken from St. Mary Magdalene Chapel tower. Image shows many buildings, cars parked and mid drive, and a railroad track and crossing. In the background…
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