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Overlooking Ojai Valley, near Nordhoff post card
Ojai Valley agricultural scene, bird's eye view, with mountains in background. Postcard captioned "Overlooking Ojai Valley, near Nordhoff, Ventura Co., Calif."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (published by); C.T. American Art, A72267]

Picturesque Roadway postcard
View of a curving roadway through hills. A car is driving away from the viewer. A small home is on the left side of the road.
[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 11401 Chandler, North Hollywood, Calif., 3079]

Proposed Site for a State University
View of a possible agricultural field. Trees and mountains visible in the background. Image taken from higher ground looking across the field. No specific location indicated.


Aerial View of Oxnard Plains Looking South toward Pt. Mugu
Aerial view of Oxnard plains looking south towards Pt. Mugu. Some homes visible surrounded by farmland. Mountains in the background.

Oxnard Plain
Composite view of the Oxnard plain with a large barn in the foreground. Mounted.


Bean Threshing on Deidrick Ranch
Panorama of a bean threshing outfit on Deidrick Ranch. A group of workers stand in the center of the shot and face the camera. The bean threshing machine is behind them.

Rural Scene (formerly F. J. Dawley lease)
View of agricultural fields with hills in background. Caption reads "Rural scene of field looking NW from SE corner Tr. 73 (formerly F.J. Dawley Lease)."


Rural Field Scene
Agricultural fields with homestead in the distant background. Caption reads "Rural field scene looking SW from hill near NE corner TR 73."


Rural Field with Old Penland Lease Building
Agricultural fields with buildings in the distant background. Caption reads "Rural field scene looking E from hill near NW corner Tr 90. Old Penland lease building in center background."


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