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Architectural Drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
Architectural drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Shows the exterior view of front of Oak Creek. Shows people on sidewalk, cars stopped on traffic circle, and foliage around building.

Bard House with T. R. Bard and Mary Gerberding with Sister
Illustration of a multi-story wooden home. Several figures are sitting on a terrace porch. Another figure carrying a rifle on their shoulder walks along a trail with a dog.

Caption reads "Bard, T.R. house 1865-1876 on the East side of San Antonio…

Beachfront Redevelopment Project Papers
A collection of letters, drawings, maps, legal descriptions, and other papers related to the Beachfront Redevelopment project.

Includes an index.

Beam and Footing Design (5 of 5)
Beam and footing design made for Frank Yubeta in Oxnard. Includes plan and elevation drawings for the column placement, and drawings of the column beam and footing designs. Sheet 5 of 5.

Capacity of Existing Wood Flume and 12" Steel Pipe, El Rancho Cola
Grey pencil drawing of capacity of existing wood flume and 12" steel pipe from a small dam above proposed dam, El Rancho Cola. Shows pipeline from reservoir.

Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson
Bust portrait of Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson. Appears to be an illustration. She is wearing a scarf around her head tied at her neck and small wire rimmed glasses, looking to the left of viewer. Catherine E. Guiberson was born 21 Nov. 1805.

Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins
Bust portrait of Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins looking to the left of camera. She wears earrings and a brooch. Drawing is on buff colored board. She came to Ventura between 1870 and 1875.

Drawing of a sled in a wilderness area.

Drawing of Lake Bennett wilderness area.

Drawing of Matilija Dam
Black and white drawn depiction of Matilija Dam with water flowing over.

Museum records include note: "Possibly drawn by 'C.J.A. 46' which is written on right lower corner of drawing and barely visible. Signed in ink by Don Warren, Principal of…

East and North Elevations for Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo
East and north elevations for seismic retrofit of Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo. Map divided into two sections. Left shows elevations for east side of building. Right shows elevations for north side of building. Separate figures show details…

Elevation Profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura
Exterior elevation profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura. Top shows Sea Star Vista and escalator structures. Bottom shows Sea Star Vista, escalator structures, and connecting bridge over Figueroa Street.

Hobson Brothers Packing House
Mounted, color artist's drawing of Hobson Bros. Packing House, located at 235 W. Santa Clara Street in Ventura, CA. Railroad tracks are running along the foreground next to the building. Drawing is dated 1923.


Illustration of Bean Pagoda
Illustration of the Bean Pagoda of Ventura County in California Buildings at World's Columbian Exposition.

Illustration of Ventura County History Museum
Ink line illustration of the Ventura County History Museum, now called the Museum of Ventura County. Shows the north and west sides of the building, including entrance. Tree and wagon shown in front of building.

Lift Station Details for the Ojai Valley Inn (1 of 2)
Illustrations of lift station details for the Ojai Valley Inn. Illustrations include overhead section view, electrical diagrams, typical pump wiring, and electrical installation. Sheet 1 of 2.

Lift Station Details for the Ojai Valley Inn (2 of 2)
Illustrations of lift station details for the Ojai Valley Inn. Illustrations include the reinforcement plan of the base slab, top slab, and air vent detail and elevation drawings of the lift station. Sheet 2 of 2.

Loma Vista Widening at Tract No. 1559, City of Ventura
Drawing for the Loma Vista widening project at Tract No. 1559, San Buenaventura. Cross section of existing wall and slab.

Loma Vista Widening Structure at Barlow Barranca, City of Ventura
Engineering plans for Loma Vista widening structure at Barlow Barranca in the City of San Buenaventura. Shows several detail drawings depicting drainage details, cross sections, wing walls, elevations, and spillways.

Miscellaneous Details of Street, Sewer, and Water Connections of Five Points Park (13 of 13)
Engineering drawing of miscellaneous details of the street, sewer, and water connections in Five Points Park, City of San Buenaventura. Top half of the drawing shows illustrations of the Sewer-House Connection, cross sections of gutters on Channel…

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jones
Bust portrait of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jones. She was born February 15, 1835. She is wearing a high collared blouse or dress with a bow on the top and earrings. She is looking left of the viewer. Portrait is on buff paper and appears to be a drawing.


Mrs. Robert Ayers
Portrait bust of Mrs. Robert Ayers (Christiane Conner). The portrait is a charcoal drawing on buff colored board. Mrs. Ayers is gazing to the viewer's left and is wearing a dark, high collared dress with a pattern drawn on it, presumably by the…


Mrs. Tabitha Sharpe
Bust portrait, charcoal drawing of Mrs. Tabitha Sharpe, facing forward but looking slightly off center to the right. Sharpe wears small round glasses. She came to Ventura in 1875.


North and East Elevations for Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
North and east elevations for Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Map divided into two sections. Top shows elevations for north side of building. Bottom shows elevations for east side of building. Separate figure shows key notes for elevation.

Ojai Valley House Illustration
Illustration of Ojai Valley House, a large two story structure with a circular driveway in front and a picket fence around the property. It is a busy scene with people walking around the grounds, sitting, and playing croquet. There are tents set up…
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