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St. John's Seminary and College postcard
Exterior front and side view of St. John's Seminary and College, including some of the landscaping around the building.
[No publisher stated, KV2683-1]

Pastel Passion 2002 Exhibit Postcard
Pastel drawing of a serene meadow of wildflowers with a small footpath running through it. Large trees in the background and hills or mountains in the far background complete the scene. Pastel drawing is by Jannene Behl called "Spring Passion." This…

For the Love of Flowers, 2002 Exhibit Postcard
Postcard showing a watercolor of irises by artist Timberly Dunn. The postcard is for an exhibit titled "For the Love of Flowers" running September 14 through October 21, 2002 at Camarillo Johrei Center, Camarillo, CA. Exhibit featured watercolorist…

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Poppy, California State Flower postcard
Several orange poppies in various states of blooming. They appear to be illustrated and are on a black background. Postcard reads "Poppy California State Flower" along the bottom.
[M. Peiser, Copyright 1910, 6742]


Ventura By The Sea, California, (Looking SE Over Downtown) postcard
Bird's eye view of Ventura, looking southeast over Downtown Ventura toward the ocean and wharf. Caption: "Ventura By The Sea, Calif." Duplicate of 20060 PC.
[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" Card), 13176]

United States Post Office, Oxnard 1935 postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Oxnard with cars parked in front of it. It appears to be a one and a half or two story building with a tiled roof. A US flag flies on the left side of the image. Post office is on B Street, seen in foreground of…

Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield, California postcard
Bird's eye view of a winding road along a hill or mountainside, a car driving away from the viewer partially obscured by a bend in the road. Mountains in the background, left. Top left of image reads "Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los…

Field of Calla Lilies near Ventura, California postcard
Two men in suits and hats stand amongst rows upon rows of calla lilies, both looking at the viewer. Top of postcard reads: "A Field of Calla Lilies near Ventura, California."
[Cardinell-Vincent Co., Pub., San Francisco, California, for J. R. Brakey,…


Orange Grove in California Near Ventura Postcard
View of a path between orange groves with snowy (?) mountains in the background. Postcard is captioned "Orange Grove in California, Near Ventura" at the top. Duplicate of 21874 PC.
[Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, California, 853]

Lima Bean Ranch Near Ventura, California Postcard
View of a Lima bean ranch near Ventura. There is a car and two palm trees in the field. Caption at bottom reads: "A Lima Bean Ranch near Ventura, Cal." Duplicate of 20198 PC.
[J. R. Brakey, Pub., Ventura, California, Made by CT American Art,…

Sanatorium, Ventura, California Postcard
View of a sanatorium near Hillmont and Foothill from a distance, orchards in foreground and mountains in the background. Sanatorium in the middle of image. Significant image of "Five Trees" on the hill in the background.

Park and Post Office, Ventura, California Postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Ventura on Santa Clara Street from Plaza Park across the street. Park grounds in foreground. Many cars are parked along Santa Clara Street. Duplicate of 21882 PC.

Public Library, Ventura, California, "Foster Library" postcard
Exterior view of the Foster Library in Ventura, a three story brick building with what appear to be two entrances--one on the ground floor, and one on the second floor that has steps leading up to it on both sides of the building. It shows a vast…

"The Plaza" Ventura, California postcard
View of a sidewalk that cuts through Plaza Park in Ventura. View is from the corner of Thompson Blvd. and Fir St. Running the edge of the intersection are two rows of short bushes with orange flowers, one row on each side. Various trees dot the lawn…

Bard Hospital, Ventura, California Postcard
Exterior view of the entrance to Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital from across Fir Street in Ventura. Front steps and landscaping around the front of the building visible, as is a flagpole flying a U.S. flag.
[Edward H. Mitchell, Pub., San Francisco,…

Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital Postcard
Exterior view of "Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, Ventura, Cal." as written on the top left of postcard. Image looks upward from Poli and Fir Streets.
[M. Rieder, Pub., Los Angeles, California, Made in Germany, 8121 & A32696]

Ventura County Court House (Poli St.) Postcard
Exterior view of the front of the Ventura County Courthouse on Poli and California Streets in Ventura. California Street in foreground.
[M. Kashower Co., Pub., Los Angeles, California, 13325 & 18319]

Corner Sunparlor, Pierpont Inn, Ventura, Calif. postcard
Interior view of the "Corner Sunparlor, Pierpont Inn, Ventura, Calif.", which is written in the bottom left of postcard. Image shows a seating area next to a large window.
[No publisher stated; DOPS in stamp area]

Old Olive Press, Camulos, Cal. postcard
Closeup view of an old olive press in a yard with a white fence in the background. There are orange trees in the background. The words "Old Olive Press, Camulos, Cal." written along the bottom left of postcard.
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, made in…

State Highway, Between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Conejo Grade, Coast Highway showing the windy highway constructed on the mountainside. One car on the highway.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., Postcards of Quality; Osborneís, Santa Barbara, California]

Street in Ojai, California postcard
Street view (Ojai Ave.) in Ojai, dirt road with post office on left side and arcade on right side. Cars are parked on the street and some people are visible.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., Post Cards of Quality; Crampton Pharmacy, Ojai, California]

1939 World's Fair Cake by Bill Baker, Ojai, California postcard
Illustrated postcard showing Bill Baker's 1939 World's Fair cake design as a presentation to the Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay. Cake depicts San Francisco scenes. Verso describes the cake and reads: "1000-Pound California…

Harvesting Scene, Combined Header and Thresher postcard
A harvesting scene reading "Harvesting Scene, Combined Header and Thresher" across the top of postcard shows several men on the equipment being pulled by a team of horses and/or mules that number approximately 30.
[Mitchell, Edward H., San…

County Hospital-Ventura postcard
Exterior view of the Ventura County Hospital building showing the front entrance, circular drive in front of it, and landscaping around building. The building is two stories, Spanish style, with many windows (some arched), and a tile roof.

Oxnard, California postcard
View of 5th Street in Oxnard, looking eastward. It is a busy scene showing cars parked along the street, cars driving on the street, and pedestrians crossing the street. Among the businesses, signs announce there is a Rexall Drugs, another drug…
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