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Hauling Grain in Simi
A group of men and horses at work with agricultural equipment. There are large stacks of what looks like hay in the background. According to the title given, they are hauling grain.

Chinese Domestic Worker in Army Uniform
Full portrait of an unidentified Chinese man in an army uniform and hat. He is standing with his hands behind his back looking at the viewer with a slight smile. Portrait taken in Tacoma, Washington, but according to library records, the man "was a…

Ebell Club Clubhouse
Exterior view of the Ebell Club, a women's club, clubhouse. It is a two story structure with a pond and bridge over the pond in front of it.

Tank House at Perkins Place
Exterior view of the tank house at Perkins place, which is currently (2020) the main office at Heritage Square in Oxnard. There are two open cars filled with people and a number of people standing around the cars. Library records state: "Rowe's old…

Egret at Walter Moranda Park
Side view of an egret standing in water with a branch sticking out of the water next to it. Image taken at Walter Moranda Park. Ventura County Star Free Press photo taken March 19, 1985; published March 20, 1985.


Carnegie Library Exterior Shortly After Completion, 1907
Exterior, bird's eye view of the Carnegie Library in Oxnard just after its construction in 1907. Houses and buildings are in view next to and behind the library as well as intersected roads at bottom of the image.

People's Lumber Company, Old Mill, Santa Paula
Image show the exterior of a wooden building with four men standing at an open door.


Alexander Hernandez
Bust portrait of Alexander Hernandez in a three piece suit and tie gazing to the right of the viewer. Portrait touched up with charcoal pencil. According to library records: "Alexander Hernandez, husband of Georgia B. Riggs, father of Frank, Rubina,…

Orchestra and Luther Burbank
Group portrait, standing, in the front yard of the Burbank home in Santa Rosa, California. An orchestra made up of women, men, girls, and boys pose with Luther Burbank (far right). Musicians hold their instruments. According to library records: "This…

Two Blacksmiths Working
Interior of a blacksmiths shop, two men work together, both holding tools. One man is turned away from the viewer, face in profile and the other man faces the viewer looking off to the right of viewer. Equipment and tools around them, anvil between…

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J. L. Fernandes Blacksmiths and Stable
Busy outdoor scene outside of J. L. Fernandes Blacksmiths and stable in Montalvo. Scene shows three men and one boy at the open entrance to the blacksmiths shop as well as several horse-drawn surreys and wagons.

Wagon Wheel Junction
Glossy outdoor bird's eye view of the Wagon Wheel Junction. View of Wagon Wheel Motel and a large sign for Wagon Wheel Motel and Restaurant. Another sign for Venox is also visible. Mid 1950's car (Chevy) entering complex.

Colonial House
Exterior view of Colonial House on Oxnard Boulevard taken from across the street. It is a two story structure with a long porch and balcony on top of the porch running along the entire front of the building. There are many signs visible advertising…

Phillip Rodriguez in Japan
Philip Rodriguez, a young man in army uniform, boots, and hat, leans against a railing attached to two wooden posts in a wooded area. Location is Japan.


Bonita McFarland and Katherine Hoffman in Swimsuits
Bonita McFarland, left, and Katherine Hoffman in swimsuits standing along a wall smiling at the viewer. Verso of photograph states: "Katherine Hoffman and Bonita. This was taken in 1932 August at the Rancho Casitas while swimming in their private…

Chekhov Acting Group in a Production at the Ojai Art  Center
Scene from the Ojai Festival Players' production of "The Cricket on the Hearth" by members of the Chekhov Acting Group at the Ojai Art Center. Scene shows two women and two men sitting around a fireplace.

Actors in a Play, Upper Ojai Theater
Woody and Erica Ch---leliss in a play at the Upper Ojai Theater, 1946. Woody looks concerned and stands behind Erica, seated with a forlorn or concerned look on her face.

Ford Ramey and Iris Tree in Macbeth
Ford Ramey and Iris Tree in a scene from Macbeth at the Upper Ojai Theater, 1946. Ramey stands behind Tree, who is seated, placing a crown on her head, while Tree looks off into the distance.

Children Building Native American Houses
Four boys construct model Native American houses on a small table outdoors, possibly on a porch, at the Ojai Valley School.

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Kids in 1927 Model T
Several children sit in, stand on, or stand around a Ford Model T at the Ojai Valley School. Some of the people are identified: "Mr. Ascott inside, far left. Forefront: Ann Pierpont, Mark Schindler, (on wheel well) Mary Louise Gerard, Pat McBride,…

Ojai Valley School
Exterior of Ojai Valley School framed by very large trees, as image taken from a short distance from under a tree. The school is a two or three story light colored building.

"Trick horse riders - children who rode their horses to school." Children at the Ojai Valley School posing with their horses in a group photo in a field.

Some children identified: Third from left - Shirley Mercer standing on white horse. Berkeley…

Production of Robin Hood
Group photo of several children performing a production of Robin Hood outdoors under a large tree at the Ojai Valley School.

Students Building the Castle
Several children build a castle or several castles outdoors at the Ojai Valley School. They are building on a round, stone platform. Two children are using a wheelbarrow. The school visible in the background.

Ventura Fire Department Group Photo, 4th of July
Group photo Ventura Fire Department on Fourth of July, 1924. Men sit in vehicles decorated as if for a parade in front of the fire house.

People are identified as (l-r): A. 0. Wadleigh, John Behn, -----, August Esperance, William Janssen,…
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