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Good Roads Tour of County, Chamber of Commerce, Ojai
Several men stand in the middle of a street with automobiles, bicycles and a horse and wagon. Automobiles are decorated with U.S. flags. Library records state "Good Roads Tour of County, Chamber of Commerce, Ojai, 1912."

President McKinley Being Greeted by Senator Thomas Bard
Photograph of President William McKinley sitting in a horse drawn carriage greeted to Ventura by Senator Thomas Bard. Carriage is adorned with ribbons and flowers and men on horseback are along the sides of the carriage.

President Theodore Roosevelt and Senator Thomas Bard
President Theodore Roosevelt and Senator Thomas Bard appear to be among the four men seated in an adorned horse drawn carriage for a parade. Two men are driving the carriage and one man stands beside it. In the background there is a decorated home.

Rutherford B. Hayes Portrait
Bust portrait of U.S. President Rutherford Hayes, sepia toned, head turned to the left of the camera. "R.B. Hays." "Moran? 707 Broadway, N.Y." Circa late 1890s before 1897 perhaps earlier. Photograph mounted on 16.5 X 10.8 ecru cardboard.

Richard Nixon and Congressman Charles Teague
Glossy photograph of Richard M. Nixon, left, in conversation with Congressman Charles Teague, right. Nixon holds a sheet of paper and Teague has a sheet of paper in his lap.

Nurse Administers Flu Vaccine
Glossy photograph of "Public Health Nurse Virginia Holste administering Flu vaccine to Lila M. Atkisson, Director Public Health Administration Education."

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Washington Grammar School Music Students
Outdoor photograph of 3 rows of students sitting and standing with musical instruments. A male faculty member stands in the back row of students on the left. Students: Marcella Wilson and Mary Louise Reagen or Reages (?) are in front row, their names…

Ventura High School and Junior College Students and Faculty, 1932
Outdoor group photograph of students and faculty captioned "Ventura Senior High School and Junior College March 2, 1932, Ventura California." Students and faculty are in seven rows, some sitting and some standing. Black and White inset photo of…

Sexton Family Portrait
Outdoor family portrait of the Sexton family. Children in original picture standing above the Sextons are not identified. Top row (l-r): Harry Eugene, Charles Edgar, Lucy Foster Sexton, Joseph Sexton. Child on Lucy's lap is Edna Lora. Child on…

Santa Paula High School Group Portrait
Sepia toned outdoor group photograph of students and faculty of Santa Paula High School. They are standing and seated on grounds of the high school. High School is in background of photograph on a hill. Two students hold a banner reading "Santa Paula…

Student Musicians
Outdoor group photograph of music students. Unknown whether these students are in a school band or a junior high school music class. Teacher is on far left of photograph. Students are standing in three rows with band instruments. Unknown locale,…

American Sugar Beet Company Panorama
Sepia toned panorama of "American Sugar Beet Company,
Oxnard, California" "Photo # 685 SU Bunnell, 45 Stevenson Ave., Pasadena, California." Panorama includes buildings, landscaping, railroad tracks. Photograph taken from beet dump platform looking…

Ventura Junior College and Senior High School Students and Faculty, 1935
Outdoor group photograph of students and faculty from Ventura Junior College and Senior High School. Dated "March 4, 1935". Students and faculty are standing outside of the school. Note: Some damage to photograph.

Student Body School Photo, Late 1920s
Sepia toned outdoor group photograph of student body divided into five rows. Older students and faculty standing. Younger students sitting. Setting is in front of a grammar school, unknown location. Possibly Santa Paula or Fillmore? On left side of…

St. Catherine's School Student Body, 1932
Panoramic group photo of the student body at St. Catherine's School/St. Catherine's-by-the-Sea seated and standing in two rows on a lawn with some trees in the background. Not all students visible in image, but a list of names is provided in library…

Polo Grounds, New York, 1912 World Series
Sepia photograph of the "Polo Grounds-NY." 1912 World Series game between the New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Baseball game in progress, stands full of spectators. Some of the surrounding area visible. Buildings visible. Signage visible in…

Buena High School Class of 1983
Color class photo of students at Buena High School in several rows seated and standing. Sign at front bottom of group states "Buena High School Class of 1983."

San Miguelito Range
San Miguelito hill range in its entirety top half of photo, reflection in Ventura River on bottom half of photo. Photo is bisected by a train bridge. Looking up Ventura River from near mouth of river. Entire image is made up of 2 photographs placed…

Aerial Oblique View of Ventura, 1940
Glossy aerial oblique photo printed on Epson paper. Photo depicts Ventura looking southwest. Ventura river visible in upper right corner of photo. Ventura pier visible.

Aerial Oblique View of Ventura, 1940
Glossy aerial oblique photo printed on Epson paper. Photo depicts Ventura looking south toward Camarillo. Ventura River clearly depicted. Ventura pier visible.

Labor Day Celebration
Outdoor photo of large crowd assembled for a Labor Day celebration. In center background - man on stage is in front of mounted American flag. Photo taken looking Southeast on 5th and A Streets. Security Pacific Building on right. Dodge Brothers Motor…

Ten Horse Team Pulling Plow on Hunt Ranch
Faded photo of ten horse team pulling plow. Man (farmer) in photo is Mr. Clyde Hunt. Location Hunt Ranch in Conejo Valley. Rows of trees in near background, mountains in far background.

Tumblesault Off Sailboat
Glossy photo of boy doing a tumblesault backwards dive off of sailboat. Motorboat in background. Start of Labor Day Channel Islands trip. Small hole in middle upper portion of photo. Photo is bent in half.

Snowy Scene on Maricopa Highway
Glossy photo with white border around entire photo. "Snow scene" shows men standing beside vehicle on probably early Hwy 33. Vehicle and men on road are between two hills. Place is summit Pine Mountain Jan 12 1931. "Ven - 138 -E, mile 1.0."

St. Francis Dam Area After March 1928 Disaster, Landscape Around Site
Panoramic view of the damage to the St. Francis Dam area possibly taken one week after the March 12-13, 1928 dam failure, like photos 33785-33790. Dam to the right of photo. Rolled negative available as well as print.
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