The 19th: Votes for Women Community Stories About Voting


The 19th: Votes for Women Community Stories About Voting


The Museum of Ventura County is working to create an exhibit about Ventura County and the suffrage movement. To create this exhibit, we’d like to hear from you. What is your first or most vivid memory of voting? Why do you vote? Do you think voting is important? Share your stories, thoughts, “I voted” stickers, or family voting recollections with the museum. Have pictures? We want those too! Share your family photos and stories as well, featuring voting or suffrage protest.

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Friends at the Million Woman March
I had never been in a march before, but the Million Woman March held in L.A. was awesome & uplifting; especially because I shared the experience with my close friends, Shante Durisseau & Terry Marvin!

Meeting Myrlie Evers
I had the honor of meeting wife of civil rights activist Medgar Evers, Mrs. Myrlie Evers; speaker at Moorpark High School. She is also a member of my sorority Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

100 Years Later....
I've taken great pride in working as Inspector and clerk at the Polls. What a privilege after the struggle women endured during the Suffrage Movement!

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Joins the Fight for Women's Right to Vote
Ida B. Wells, activist and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. participates in Suffrage March. Other members were told to march in the back of the procession. Other images show the procession and the crowd in attendance.

Ventura County Alumnae Chapter: Social Action is Who We Are!
Ventura County Alumnae Chapter prioritizes staffing Adopt-a-Polls in Ventura County to support the election process. For nearly 14 years, VCAC has been serving the community and participating in the political process while furthering our Grand…

Links Members with Suffragettes
Channel Islands Chapter members with Suffragettes @ Ventura County Women’s Festival.

Links Members with Suffragette
Channel Islands Chapter Links members with Suffragette

Women History Month 2015
Board of Supervisors acknowledging women history month.

Links Members supports NAACP
Channel Islands members supporting the NAACP.

Channel Islands Chapter, the  Links, Inc.
Members of the Channel Islands Chapter, the Links, Inc. supporting women/civil rights since 1982.

Vietnam Veteran and former Navy Pilot, Harvey Champlin, declares that voting is not only a right, but a responsibility.

Dawn Dyer, a CA Delegate to the Vision 2020 National Women's Equality Coalition, encourages women to honor the sacrifices of the suffragists by voting.

Dawn Dyer explains that she votes to support our Democracy.
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