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Site Plan and Sections of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura
Site plan and sections of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura. Map divided into two sections. Left shows Sea Star Vista on Harbor Boulevard and Figueroa Street, with bridge over Figueroa Street connecting Sea Star to parking…

Elevation Profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura
Exterior elevation profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura. Top shows Sea Star Vista and escalator structures. Bottom shows Sea Star Vista, escalator structures, and connecting bridge over Figueroa Street.

101 Drive-In Theater, Aerial View
Aerial view of the 101 Drive-In Theater at the intersection of Highway 101 and Telephone Road looking north. Parking spaces and screen visible. Farmland surrounds the theater on all sides.

Lagomarsino opera house (and house) on Santa Clara Street, built 1884.

Kaneko Takasugi on Bicycle
Snapshot of Kaneko Takasugi standing with her bicycle on a sidewalk in front of a movie theater. She appears to be mid ride, as if she stopped to pose for the camera. She is in a dress and heels. The marquee on the movie theater reads "Talking…

Actor Toby Otani
This image shows Toby Otani in costume during a live stage performance in Hollywood. Toby is a member of the Otani family of Oxnard. He went on to enjoy an acting career in Hollywood.

Signs and car camping.mp4
Black-and-white, with some sepia, footage of different scenes, some disturbing and graphic, that mainly include wilderness, mountains, camping, and fishing.

Man and pack horse walking up steep trail; Woman stalking deer in brush; Giant pine trees;…

Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue
Curbside view of Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue. Three people are visible walking on sidewalk in front of theater. Adjacent storefronts made of brick. Early automobiles parked on street in front of theater.

Charlie Chaplin Costume Contest
Group of young boys dressed as Charlie Chaplin for a costume contest at Barnes Theatre in Fillmore. Building on left is Pearson's barbershop, on right is Monty Everett's jewelry store.

Museum records indicate that "Sadie" Gerald Davis won first…
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