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Santa Susana Pass postcard
A road and surrounding mountainous terrain in the Santa Susana Pass.

Verso: Message addressed to Mr. Percy at the Ventura County Museum, from Eleanor Taylor. Taylor requests a correction regarding the distance between Moorpark College and…

101 Drive-In Theater, Aerial View
Aerial view of the 101 Drive-In Theater at the intersection of Highway 101 and Telephone Road looking north. Parking spaces and screen visible. Farmland surrounds the theater on all sides.

Movie Set at Mugu Lagoon
View of a movie set built up at Mugu Lagoon at Pt. Mugu. There is a heavily loaded boat on a raft being tied to the dock. Shacks and palm trees in the distance are part of the movie set. Museum records indicate this was photographed around 1940. They…


Movie Set at Point Mugu
Scene of a movie set at Pt. Mugu. View of an old house that looks run down with another smaller building next to it, also run down. There is a small overturned boat in the foreground grass and two cars parked next to the house. In the distance, a man…

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Howdy Folks-Welcome to Corriganville postcard
Features a western scene from Corriganville. Two men and a woman dressed in period western costumes (probably actors) stand in the middle of a dirt street featuring historic looking western buildings on what may be a movie set. A black and white…

Scene from a movie being filmed at Gaston Melies movie studio in Santa Paula, Calif.

Scene from a movie being filmed at Gaston Melies movie studio in Santa Paula, Calif.

Actors Filming "The Sheik"
Actors in the film "The Sheik" carry another actor in a palanquin or litter. There is also another actor on a chariot next to them pulled by two horses. Filmed at Hollywood by the Sea, The Sheik is a 1921 silent romantic drama starring Rudolph…

Ventura Theatre Opening
View of crowds of men and women gathered in front of Ventura Theatre on Chestnut Street for its opening in August 1928. Side view of theatre from across the street just south of the theater. It appears to be evening. Marquee reads: New Ventura…

Actors Performing a Stunt in a Car
Actors in a convertible seemingly fly off a broken bridge. Image taken from ground below the bridge. There are appear to be two men in the photo off of the bridge, one appears to be running equipment (right). Library records indicate: "Actors (not…

Charlie Chaplin Costume Contest
Group of young boys dressed as Charlie Chaplin for a costume contest at Barnes Theatre in Fillmore. Building on left is Pearson's barbershop, on right is Monty Everett's jewelry store.

Museum records indicate that "Sadie" Gerald Davis won first…
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