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Panoramic View of Ventura, 1925-26
Panoramic view of Ventura taken by Mrs. Niles ca 1925-26 (maybe earlier) from the Bath House or Civic Auditorium, second floor. Shows California Street to the Courthouse. Identifiable buildings: Methodist Church (corner of Oak and Meta), Sifford home…

Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital Street View postcard
Street view of Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, captioned "Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital. Ventura, Cal." The street is on a steep incline, and there are palm trees and a stone wall along the sidewalk. Hedges, trees, and a lawn are…

San Buenaventura Mission colored Post Card
View of the Mission San Buenaventura Mission's front entrance and bell tower; A small yard sits to the left of the mission, and a hill behind it. [MacGregor, J. J., Ventura, Cal. (Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)] Post card image appears in C.M. Gidney…

Bird's Eye View Ventura Post Card
Caption: "Bird's-eye view VENTURA, Cal".
Black and white photographic bird's eye view of early downtown Ventura from atop a cacti lined hill. Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, a multistory Mission-style building, is in the center foreground,…

Bird's Eye View, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Bird's eye view of a mixed residential and business area of Downtown Ventura. Telephone poles line the street in the foreground, standing in front of clapboard houses with yards lush with trees. The Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital sits atop a hill…

Oil Rig Amongst Hills
Glossy photo of oil rig in possibly "Santa Maria area,
Hathaway Lease, south of Orcutt field. Vandenberg over hill behind rig."


Ulpiano and Minnie Ruiz With Another Couple on Beach
Group portrait of two couples on the beach identified left to right as: Israel H., Mamie, and Minnie Ruiz. Ulpiano Ruiz is also identified, but is not clear which of the men he is. The couples sit on the sand with some belongings around them, and a…

Ventura County Courthouse Complex postcard
Bird's eye or aerial view of the Ventura County Courthouse complex showing City Hall North in the back as well as the large hills and parking lot behind the building complex. Poli Street visible in front of the complex, as well as landscaping in…

Ventura County Courthouse from a Distance
Exterior view of the Ventura County Courthouse building (now Ventura City Hall, 2022) from a distance, showing a house, an empty lot, and part of another house in foreground. Part of Poli Street visible as well running in front of the courthouse. In…

Pisgah Grande Setting
Distant, bird's eye view of Pisgah Grande in the Santa Susana hills.

Image is marked "Proof", as it is from an unpublished book proof.


Ventura County Jail, Exterior View
Sepia toned bird's eye view of the Ventura County Jail. There are two men on the front steps and a car parked on the right of image. Jail is a two story building surrounded by hills, on Poli Street in Ventura, CA. A man in white stands in one of the…

Ventura County Jail, Exterior Front and Side View
Exterior view of the Ventura County Jail, taken from the driveway leading up to the jail, driveway visible in foreground. The jail was on Poli Street in Ventura, CA. There is a man walking toward the jail on the right side of the image.

Verso of…

Canada Larga, Mission Aqueduct
View of the San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct, Cañada Larga, bisected by a dirt road with wheel tracks. A hill rises up in the background.

Sheep Grazing North of Ventura
View of a herd of sheep grazing on a hilltop as three shepherds watch.

Library records indicate: "Hills north of Ventura when sheep raising was quite an important industry prior to 1900."

Picnic Party at Grimes Canyon
A group three men, three women, and a child pose while on a picnic in Grimes Canyon. The group is seated on a hillside with foliage around them. One man is seated on a blanket.

View from Top of Fillmore Grade
A view taken from the top of the Fillmore grade. Shows mountains, hillsides, and shrubland.

Horse-Drawn Buggy on Fillmore Grade
View of an unidentified woman riding a horse-drawn buggy up the Fillmore grade. Buggy is stopped and woman seems to be looking at the view of the hillsides and mountains.

Wheelers Hot Springs, Ventura Co., California postcard
View of Wheeler Springs with pedestrians surrounded by forest. Tall hill visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70993]

View of Ann Street Residences
Street view of residences on Ann Street north of Poli Street. Street has slight incline going upwards from bottom right to left of view. Residences in a variety of styles, mostly wooden.

Cross on the North Hill
Image depicting a Christian cross sitting on top of a hill at Rancho Camulos.

Hill with Cross in the Distance
Picture of a hill outside of Rancho Camulos. A cross is faintly visible in the far distance at the top of the hill. The hill is covered in shrubs and other low vegetation.

Villa Park Bungalettes
View of the Villa Park Bungalettes from the street. The main subject of the photo being the establishment and its bungalows, which can be seen to the right of the image in the middle ground of the photo. In the foreground hangs an American-flag…
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