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Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…

Apricot Harvest at Elliot Hendry Ranch
View of two boys scraping dried apricots from a wood frame into fruit crates. Boy on left has face obscured by a shadow. A stack of empty frames is behind the boys. More frames containing drying apricots are visible on the ground around the boys.

Robert Sudden child portrait
Bust portrait of a young Robert Sudden gazing to the right of camera


Boy on tricycle portrait
Portrait of unidentified young boy on tricycle

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Oval Portraits of Young Boy, 1900
Light brown cardboard frame with three 12.6 x 8.9 cm oval brown toned portraits of same young boy. Boy is seated in all three poses, and is wearing a large tweed jacket. He may be the same boy as in 35140. Member of Sexton family.

Ralph and Julien Cerf
Portrait of Ralph and Julien Cerf, two young children seated together on top of a wooden carved bench. They are both wearing long gowns with lace collars and buckled boots. One of the boys holds a basket of flowers in one hand.

Walter Vickers
Full portrait of Walter Vickers, a young boy of about 5, standing with one arm resting on an upholstered chair. His body faces the viewer but he is gazing to the right of viewer. Walter wears a belted coat, shorts, tall socks, and boots.

Francisco Camarillo
Full portrait of Francisco Camarillo as a young boy sitting on an upholstered fringed chair. He wears a double breasted coat with shorts, stockings, and boots. He is gazing to the right of the viewer.

Jonathan Sprinkles, winner of the 1989 African-American Speech Exposition.
Jonathan Sprinkles of Oxnard, is seen here at the African-American Speech Exposition at McKinna School with his pointer finger being held up while he is mid-speech. Ventura County Star-Free Press taken 25 Feb 1989, published 26 Feb 1989.

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Little Boy Netting Fish at Ventura County Fair
Corey Salter netting fish at Ventura County Fair. Salter concentrates as the extends a net toward fish. Photo taken for the Ventura County Star Free Press 25 Aug 1988 published 27 Aug 1988.

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Eddie Gonzales at Rivcom Protest
Eddie Gonzales holding sign for Rivcom [Rancho Sespe] protest at the Ventura County Government Center. Gonzales is two years old in photo. Other protesters visible in background. Gonzales' sign reads "I need water to grow." Ventura County Star-Free…

Boy holding wooden toy
Unidentified young boy seated on a wicker chair and holding a toy wooden horse


Portrait of Richard Bard as a child
Full portrait of Richard Bard as a child and his dog. Young Bard is standing looking to the left of the camera with arm around the dog.

Emmet Fisher portrait
Full portrait of Emmet Fisher, a young child, standing with a hand on a chair, looking into the camera. Father was Issac Fisher, an orchardist, La Cañada, California.

Portrait of a boy.

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Portrait of Boys (16 views)

Three women and a boy in front of a house.

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Ventura Police Boys' Club Members Line Up for Food
Ventura Police Boys' Club members line up for food after winning first place for marching in the 1948 Ventura County Fair Parade. Bottles of soda and a large bowl of hotdogs can be seen on the tables. The boys are all wearing white shirts and blue…

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Boxing Match at 1948 Christmas Party Held at Ventura Police Boys' Club House
Boxing match at 1948 Christmas party held at Ventura Police Boys' Club House. The boys are 9 years old. Two boys are in the boxing ring, one is down on the mat. An adult is in the ring with them. Another adult and a group of boys are sitting on…

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Ventura Police Boys' Club with Chief of Police Thomas W. Neel and Sgt. Anthony Natale
Group photo of the Ventura Police Boys' Club posing with Chief of Police Thomas W. Neel (under the flag) and Sgt. Anthony Natale (at right). It is taken in front of Bath House. The boys are dressed in uniforms and hats and they are holding a banner…

Lionel and Kermit Riave as Children
Lionel and Kermit Riave pose for a photo together as boys outdoors. One boy has an arm around the other. It is unclear which boy is Lionel and which is Kermit. Kermit was killed in a motorbike accident at age 16. Lionel grew up to become a Circuit…


Four Boys on Horseback
Four boys on horseback in front of Del Norte School. All four boys are astride one dark colored horse, school in the background. Two boys are barefoot, all are wearing overalls.

Boy Scout Troop 120 in Ventura
A group of boy scouts (Troop 120) and troop leaders sit on the steps in front of the Ventura County Court House (currently Ventura City Hall in 2021). They sit in rows on steps in front of the Junipero Serra statue (it was removed in 2020) and are…

Gabriel Ruiz 1905
Seated portrait of a young Gabriel Ruiz with his hands in his lap on a wooden chair. He is wearing a light children's suit with frilly shoulder pads, black knee-high socks and a frowning face.

Gabriel Ruiz 1906
Full portrait of Gabriel Ruiz standing outside against a tall cement curb and wooden wall. He is wearing overalls with his left hand holding the top of the flap and his right hand pinching the waist near his pockets. Gabriel is frowning and standing…
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