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Ventura Oilers Baseball Team
Group photo of the 1953 Ventura Oilers baseball team.

Top row: George Suprenant, Dave Melton, Chuck Donley, John Thomas, Tony Ponce, Jim Collins
Middle row: Jose Perez, John Noce, Augie Amorena, Stan Stewart, Stan Fabiano, Dario Lodigiani…

Young Man Playing Tennis
Outdoor scene of part of a tennis court, likely in Ojai. A young man in light-colored shirt and pants stands just outside of the court. He holds a tennis racket in one hand and two tennis balls in the other. He looks towards the viewer. Bleacher…

Young Men Chatting
Outdoor scene showing two young men standing together. Man on left is wearing a jacket and has his arms crossed with one hand on his chin. He appears to be smiling or laughing. Man on right is wearing a dark turtleneck sweater and holds a tennis…

Ventura High School Pole Vaulter
Shows an unidentified student pole vaulting at a sporting event at Ventura High School. Student athlete is shown mid-jump as he passes over the bar while still holding onto the pole. A second, unidentified student appears to be running towards the…

Sam McVey
Portrait of the African American boxer Sam McVey. He is in a boxer's fighting stance with his front fist extended out & raised shoulder level. His back hand is raised to his chest & his palm is open. His backfoot is slightly raised off the ground as…

Surfing Topanga Canyon
Shows Jim Larronde, George "Wimpy" Weston, and John Larronde surfing at a Topanga Canyon beach. The men appear mostly in silhouette, standing on their boards as they ride a wave.

Surfers Riding a Wave
Shows three surfers riding a wave. Two are standing on their boards. One appears to be crouching.

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Surfers Riding a Wave
Shows four surfers in silhouette standing on their surfboards as they ride a wave.

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Group of Surfers
Shows four surfers at a distance. On left of view, three surfers are lying or sitting on their surfboards as a wave grows behind them. In center right, a fourth surfer is standing on their board and riding a wave.

Chuck Spurgin with Surfboard
Shows Charles "Chuck" Spurgin wearing swimwear and seated on his surfboard at an unspecified beach. The surfboard is on its side and Chuck is seated on the edge with his legs outstretched and arms crossed over his chest. He is looking towards the…

Surfing at Bel Air, 1939
Shows a surfer standing on a surfboard and riding a wave. Likely at the Bel-Air Bay Club located in Pacific Palisades.

Surfers in Malibu
Shows four surfers riding a wave near Malibu.

Oxnard Aces Group Photo, 1936
A group portrait of the Oxnard Aces baseball team in 1936. Team is dressed in their uniforms and pose with bats and mitts on the ground in front of them.
Top row (L-R): Lazaro Ponce, Joe Uranga, Albert Martinez, Tony Martinez, Humbert Escalante,…

Embrace at Special Olympics Track and Field Meet, Camarillo
A man and woman embracing at the Special Olympics track and field meet at the Camarillo State Hospital. Man is wearing baseball cap and is kissing the woman's cheek. Woman has short blonde hair and is smiling. Other people visible in background.…

Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament Trophies
View of trophy table at the Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament. John Morrell and Ray Hass (L-R), stand next to the table, look at one of the awards. Signs for the tournament and outdoor furniture visible around the table.

Note: Ojai #82-176-6

Boys Boxing at FSA Camp
View of two boys boxing and adult referee surrounded by crowd of seated and standing onlookers. Father Garcia of Oxnard is among the crowd. At the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio.

Ventura Elks Baseball Team, 1922
A group photo of the Ventura Elks baseball team and their manager, Milton Ramelli. The team wears their baseball uniforms, while Ramelli wears a suit.

Names listed on back, order not clear: "M. Smith, M. Ramelli, J. Barnett, S. D. Butts, Gio…

Rio Mesa High School Track Meet
Four female runners are pictured crossing the finish line at a track meet at Rio Mesa High School. Three of he women wear uniforms that state "Hueneme" across the front and one woman wears one that states "Spartans." Ventura County Star-Free Press…

Ventura County Football Team, 1896
Group photo of the Ventura County Football Team outdoors. They appear to be in uniform except for one team member, who is laying on the ground with a football in front of him. The top of photo has writing in pen that reads: "Ventura County Football…

Santa Paula High School Girls Basketball Team, 1904
The Santa Paula High School Girl's Basketball Team poses for a group photo in uniform laying and/kneeling in a field. There are five girls and one girl holds a basketball that reads "S.P.H.S '04."

Front row (l-r): Virginia Nicely; Hope Hardison.…

Ventura High School Football Team, 1904
Group photo of the Ventura High School Football team sitting and standing in four rows. This is a studio portrait and the team is in uniform.

Golden State Softball Team
Golden State softball team group portrait. Players are in uniform, except Charlie Sample, in two rows, outdoors in front of a sign reading "Golden State Dairy Products Dependability." Two of the players hold glass jars, possibly filled with milk.…

Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club
Group photo of the Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club sitting and some kneeling on the steps of a building. They are in uniform except for one man in a suit (George Stewart). Uniforms read "TFB BBC" on the chest of the shirt. Library records state…

Dolores Sanchez in Baseball Uniform
Full portrait of Dolores Sanchez in a baseball uniform. He is standing outdoors near a tree with some buildings in the background. He is wearing a cap and looking at the viewer. It is unclear, but his uniforms seems to read: "Esperanza Club."

Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team
Group photo of the Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team--13 young men dressed in their uniforms pose for an outdoor photo in two rows, back row standing, front row crouching with a baseball bat "sculpture" in front of them. Spectators in the background.
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