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Rio Mesa High School Track Meet
Four female runners are pictured crossing the finish line at a track meet at Rio Mesa High School. Three of he women wear uniforms that state "Hueneme" across the front and one woman wears one that states "Spartans." Ventura County Star-Free Press…

Ventura County Football Team, 1896
Group photo of the Ventura County Football Team outdoors. They appear to be in uniform except for one team member, who is laying on the ground with a football in front of him. The top of photo has writing in pen that reads: "Ventura County Football…

Santa Paula High School Girls Basketball Team, 1904
The Santa Paula High School Girl's Basketball Team poses for a group photo in uniform laying and/kneeling in a field. There are five girls and one girl holds a basketball that reads "S.P.H.S '04."

Front row (l-r): Virginia Nicely; Hope Hardison.…

Ventura High School Football Team, 1904
Group photo of the Ventura High School Football team sitting and standing in four rows. This is a studio portrait and the team is in uniform.

Golden State Softball Team
Golden State softball team group portrait. Players are in uniform, except Charlie Sample, in two rows, outdoors in front of a sign reading "Golden State Dairy Products Dependability." Two of the players hold glass jars, possibly filled with milk.…

Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club
Group photo of the Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club sitting and some kneeling on the steps of a building. They are in uniform except for one man in a suit (George Stewart). Uniforms read "TFB BBC" on the chest of the shirt. Library records state…

Dolores Sanchez in Baseball Uniform
Full portrait of Dolores Sanchez in a baseball uniform. He is standing outdoors near a tree with some buildings in the background. He is wearing a cap and looking at the viewer. It is unclear, but his uniforms seems to read: "Esperanza Club."

Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team
Group photo of the Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team--13 young men dressed in their uniforms pose for an outdoor photo in two rows, back row standing, front row crouching with a baseball bat "sculpture" in front of them. Spectators in the background.

This reel primarily includes black-and-white footage, along with one color scene. Most of this footage shows a men's football game between Oxnard and Santa Paula High Schools, perhaps at Santa Paula High School, and local preparations and…

Oxnard High School Football Team
This image is an exterior group portrait of the Oxnard High School Football team wearing full uniforms. Nagao Fujita is in the back row, on left.

Baseball Team, Port Hueneme
Group photo of a young men's baseball team. Uniforms have "LAB" an the front. Ted Mendoza, pitcher, stands second from right. Others are unidentified.

Santa Paula Merchants Baseball Team
Santa Paula Merchants Baseball Team, July 1940.
Back row (L-R): Chon Vela (?); Gil Casteneda, owner of Gil's Market; Manuel Victoria, owner of Victoria Shoe Repair; unknown; Buddy Sibrian, printer at The Chronicle; Polo Coronado.
Front row:…

Kendo - Japanese Fencing
This image shows George S. Yanaginuma standing at the center between Mr. Narita (kneeling) and Mr. Suzuki, (standing) who are wearing full Kendo fencing gear. Visible at the right bottom of the frame is a young M. Kitahara. The image shows a side…

Kendo - The Way of the Sword
This image shows George S. Yanaginuma, center, posing with Mr. Narita and Mr. Suzuki, who are dressed in full Kendo attire. The image is a full view group photo. The side exterior of the Methodist Episcopal Mission is visible.

Baseball Team Portrait
A baseball team made up of older and younger boys poses for a team portrait in front of a wooden fence. One players shirt reads "VGS". A dog sits with them.
L-R top: Adam Rodriquez, Hayden Wilson, William ---; 2nd row: Allen Smith, Barnett Glasgow,…

Polo Grounds, New York, 1912 World Series
Sepia photograph of the "Polo Grounds-NY." 1912 World Series game between the New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Baseball game in progress, stands full of spectators. Some of the surrounding area visible. Buildings visible. Signage visible in…

Winter League Opening Game
Distant group photo of the Ventura Shell and Pacific Electric Ball Clubs before the Winter League opening game.

Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park
Bird's eye view of Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park showing the entire baseball diamond and outfield. There are nine visible players on the field in various positions mid game. Residences and other buildings are in the background and advertisements…

Group Photo, Ventura Police Boys' Club Softball Team
Group photo of the Ventura Police Boys' Club Softball Team. Nine boys and an adult, presumably the coach, are seen standing. Four more boys are sitting in front.

Ventura County Braves Baseball Team
The baseball players are standing and seated in two rows. A man in a suit, presumably the coach, is standing on the left. Library records indicate the names as: Jose Perez, George Owen, Alberto Osario, "Red" Walsh, Jack Lutz, Bob Garrett, Bud…

Rosalyn Bryant Running in the Police Olympics Held at Rio Mesa High School.
Former Olympian, Rosalyn Bryant, is seen here as a member of the Los Angeles' Police Department Track and Field Team competing at the Police Olympics held at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard. Bryant became a police officer after her career as an…

Boxing Match at 1948 Christmas Party Held at Ventura Police Boys' Club House
Boxing match at 1948 Christmas party held at Ventura Police Boys' Club House. The boys are 9 years old. Two boys are in the boxing ring, one is down on the mat. An adult is in the ring with them. Another adult and a group of boys are sitting on…

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Ventura Police Boys' Club Baseball Team, 1949
Group photo of the Ventura Police Boys' Club Baseball Team at Babe Ruth Field, Seaside Park. The team finished 2nd place in the 8-team County League of Sheriff's and Police Boys' Clubs. Taken in the summer of 1949.

Entrance to Ojai Tennis Courts
Entrance to Ojai Tennis Courts. A man in a suit and hat sits at a table flanked by small palms. In the background two men walk toward the courts. A stand or bleachers covered with shrubbery is visible.
[From C.L. Hardison album]

Baseball Team, 1902
Baseball team group photo, shows team in a baseball field, with men in the background. Upper row, left to right: C. Daly, Bert Firth, Bud Jewett, Julius Franz, C. Hall, N. Hearne. Lower row, L to R: Ed Hearne, B. Fazio, P. De La Guerra, E. McGonigle,…
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