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Scenes from DeLee's Childhood A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton's childhood.

Photo A: DeLee and her mother Peggy Staunton stand on rocks looking over tide pools at Moore's Cottages Beach, Solimar. Peggy wears a wide-legged swimsuit and a sunhat.

Photo B: DeLee sits…

Woman Posing on Beach
Outdoor portrait of a woman posing on a beach. She is wearing a dark skirt, white blouse, and a flowery hat. She is smiling and looking towards the viewer. She has one hand on her hip, and the other holds her hat. On ecru cardboard backing.

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Charlie Sem
Outdoor portrait of Charlie Sem as a young man. He stands on a beach or shrubland. He wears a shirt with rolled sleeves, a sweater vest, pants, and leg wrappings. He stands casually and looks towards the viewer. Houses in background.

Saint Catherine Hotel
Exterior view of Saint Catherine Hotel on Catalina Island The caption of the photo reads "St. Catherine Hotel, Descanso Beach, Catalina Island, Ca." Beach and pier in the foreground of the image. Along the beach there are people laying under…

Favorite Quiet Place
[User contributed description]
The jetty at Ventura Beach is my favorite place to contemplate. When I feel stressed or need to reprioritize, this is where I find solace and peace.

Rainbow Over Ventura Harbor
[User contributed description]
I was working at a store in the Ventura Harbor one day during a rainstorm. Shortly after the storm passed, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the Harbor. Truly beautiful!

McGrath Estuary
[User contributed description]
We were driving down harbor home from work and I made my husband pull over so I could snap this shot. This shot is special to me because it was such a magical sunset. Since I took this picture, I have had 3 artists…

Peninsula Park
[User contributed description]
Photo taken on a lazy sunny weekend from my 2nd floor hotel room at the Hampton Inn.
I felt the harbor, boats in conjunction with the park made a relaxing photo.

Sea anemone in a ride pool, Ventura
[User contributed description]
Tidepooling at low tide is one of my favorite activities in Ventura.

Sunset from our dock
[User contributed description]
Seeing the changing clouds reflected in the sea is a highlight of living on the shore.

[User contributed description]
This is special because it is a moment in time that brings back so many memories of the good times the Nicholson and Brandt families had together at the beach through the years. This is just one day of many in front…

Ruth Sitting Atop a Boat<br />
<br />
View of a woman identified as Ruth sitting on top of a grounded boat along a beach. In the background of the image a large building can be seen as well as the surrounding mountains. To the right in the background people are visible standing along the…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
View of the promenade from a long shot. To the left of the image a grassy lawn area, a light post, and a man standing. A big concrete planter bisecting the promenade into two paths sits in the middle of the picture. In the background a beachfront…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
View of a promenade at Ventura beach. Pedestrian walkway visible as well as a lawn area with various trees and bushes. In the background of the image the mountains can be seen in clear view. In the foreground a concrete barrier with a steel railing…

Sunset at Low Tide 1919 postcard
View facing towards the ocean of a beach in Ventura. The low tide gives the sand a wavy texture on the beach. The sun sets behind the clouds at the top of the image. There are three people walking along the beach, only their silhouette is visible. In…

Greetings from Santa Paula 1905 postcard
This image shows a beach in Ventura county at nighttime. A full moon over the water and reflecting light off the waves along the shore. There is a pier in the background of the image. A man appears to be standing in the shallow waters in the…


Hueneme, Cal. 1935 postcard
This image shows the beach of Port Hueneme from the side view pointing inland. The ocean waves coming from the right side of the wash over the beach sands. There are some building in the background of the image.

Verso: Typical postcard backside.…

Bathing in the Surf 1904 postcard
This image shows the front of the beach as a crowd of people in their old fashioned bathing suits let the waves wash over them. The Ventura Pier can be seen to the right of the image as well as a boat in the background. On the bottom of the postcard…

Ventura Marina postcard
View of the Ventura Marina shows a beach filled with surfers. In the water and on the sand are a multitude of surfers. In the distance the Channel Islands can be seen in the skyline.

Verso: Describes the importance of this surfing spot in Ventura…

Wimpy and Herb Loading Surfboards on Cart
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston and Herb Case preparing their surfboards to haul at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The surfboards are positioned on a small wheeled cart. Wimpy is securing the surfboards with a length of rope. Herb is watching from nearby.…

Friends Hiding Among Sand Dunes
Group of eight people, laying on sand dunes at the beach. Only their heads and shoulders are visible above dunes. Each person is wearing a hat.

Boat Beached at Entrance of Ventura Harbor
View of a small boat aground on a beach. One person shown standing at the prow of the boat, a second person on the beach is walking towards the boat. Rocks from a harbor breakwall visible in the background.

Map of a Portion of Block 1, Port Hueneme
Map of a portion of Block 1, Port Hueneme. Area of interest outlined in bold and divided into parcels leveled A-D. Shows area bordered by Surfside Drive, Seaview (Main) Street, Ventura County Railway (V.C.R.W.), Surfside drive, and the Pacific Ocean.…

Webster Bay, Anacapa Island, Calif. postcard
Bird's-eye view of Webster Bay on Anacapa Island. Small manmade structures and beached boats visible on beach.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70877]

Parcel Map of Lots 167 & 168, Silver Strand Tract, Oxnard
Parcel map of a division of all of Lots 167 and 168 of Silver Strand Tract, Oxnard. Shows Lots 167 and 168 outlined in bold and divided into 3 numbered subdivisions. Area is northeast of Pacific Ocean and beach, and southwest of Ocean Drive. Also…
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