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Sheep Grazing on a Hillside in Simi Valley
Sheep grazing on the side of a hill. Several trees dot the landscape with more trees and brush at the top of the hillside. There is a road cut along the lower part of the hill.

Mathie Brewing Company Wagon
Street scene in Hueneme. Man wearing a work apron sitting on a horse-drawn buckboard wagon. Writing on buckboard reads, "1834-1856 E. Main St. The Mathie Brewing Company" Behind man is the Oxnard Winery and Distillery and a saloon. A spotted dog is…

Mrs. Eaton and Her Pet Chickens
View of Mrs. Eaton wearing a prairie dress and bonnet feeding her pet chickens. There are at least five chickens visible in a variety of colors. Behind Mrs. Eaton is a small shed, possibly a coop. A field is visible in the background.

Gillibrand Family of Simi Valley
Group portrait of the Gillibrand Family sitting in front of a wooden building. A child seated in the center holds a small dog.

Frank Howard's Team Leaving Town for the Oilfields, Fillmore
View of four men, possibly including Frank Howard, standing atop a carriage hitched by six horses.

Writing on picture: "Hauling up Sespe."

Melanie Allred and Freddie the Goat
Portrait of Melanie Allred posed with her goat "Freddie," the grand champion Anglo-Nubian goat at the Ventura County Fair. Tom Pugliese on left and Plinky Mier on right. Freddie is wearing a floral cape. Signs in background for 4-H and Ventura County…

Carmen Camarillo Riding in Fiesta Parade
Carmen Camarillo and two unidentified men riding horseback during the Fiesta Parade on State Street in Santa Barbara. Carmen is riding a Camarillo White Horse, the two men are riding dark-colored horses.

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair, 1900. Storefronts and tents for fair vendors are visible behind large crowd watching the procession. Parade float passing crowd is pulled by two white horses. Six men dressed in…

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair, 1900. Storefronts and tents for fair vendors are visible behind large crowd watching the procession. Parade float passing crowd is pulled by two white horses. Six men dressed in…

Cat Dressed in Baby Clothes
A short-haired tabby cat dressed in what appears to be baby clothes. The cat seems to be content. It is seated on a chair with a pillow behind it.

Surdam and Aides in Fourth of July Parade, Santa Paula
Group photo of men on horseback. Possibly R. D. Surdam and aides ready for the Santa Paula Fourth of July Parade. Trees and buildings visible behind the men.

The Rodeo or Round-Up
Drawing showing men on horseback, corralling cattle. Two men are in the center of the image. Man on left is holding a lasso and facing away from viewer, and is wearing a Mexican-style poncho. Man on right is shown wearing a jacket and bandana, and is…

Anna Borchard Kellner and Sheep on the Conejo
View of Anna Borchard Kellner shepherding a flock of sheep in the Conejo area. Kellner is standing at the back of the flock, and is not visible in detail. Farmland and mountains visible in background.

Unloading Lumber on Ventura Wharf, 1874
View of lumber being unloaded from a ship at Ventura Pier. Three horse-drawn carts wait on the wharf. A large pallet of wood is being moved from the ship to the carts. It appears blurry as though in motion. The masts of the ship are visible behind…

Mr. Dawsen and Dog in Garden
Shows Mr. Dawsen and a spotted dog sitting on the ground beside newly planted plants. Dawsen is wearing a white shirt and overalls. He is leaning back on one hand and is looking at the dog. Wooden stakes are in the ground next to the…

Ruth & Perky Kneel in Front of Wooden Building
View from the roadside. Ruth and her dog Perky kneel in front of a Hotel on Whidbey Island in Washington. To the left of the building there is a much smaller wooden structure with two canoes inside of it and one on top of it. In front of the building…

Irish Setter Dog
Image of an Irish Setter dog on a sidewalk of a street. The dog stands in profile view. In the background is a paved road with car parked on the side of the street. The sidewalk on the other side of the street in the background is lined with small…

Charles Zapf Sitting with Schnaps the Dog
Shows Charles F. Zapf sitting in the backyard of 57 N. Laurel Street. His pet dachshund, Schnaps, is laying on his lap. Garden beds and shrubbery visible in background.

Ruth Ventura Zapf Riding Pony
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf as a young girl riding a spotted pony. The pony is standing next to wooden building lined with shrubs.

Museum records include note that the photographer owned the pony and went door-to-door soliciting photographs.

Charles Lummis on Horseback
View of Charles Lummis sitting on horseback in front of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The veranda and main door of the building are visible.

Chicken Pens
View of the chicken pens at an unidentified farm. Chicken enclosure consists of a covered coop building, and four yards divided by fences. Chickens are roaming the yards. A man is standing in the second from the left yard, next to the coop. Two women…

Cows Grazing
View of hills and fields. A herd of cows is grazing the grass. Trees are scattered across the landscape.

Horses on Parade
View of nine men on horseback at the Ventura County Fair. Riders and horses are standing on a racetrack. Trees in background.

Show Cows
Three "show" cows shown at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The three cows stand side-by-side. Middle cow has white fur. Cows on right and left are black and white. The cows wear bridles and reins. Two men visible in background.

Chariot Race
Shows charioteers and horses mid-race. The horses are running down a dirt racetrack. Trees in background.
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