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Chapel Interior at Rancho Camulos
Picture of the inside of the chapel at Rancho Camulos. In the center of the image is the altar with a figure of the Virgin Mary above the altar. To the right of the image is a kneeling bench for prayer and a window. To the left of the image is a…

Dining room in a residential house.

Group at Table
Shows four people seated at a table. Shelves of jars, bottles, and packages to left of table. Oven and stove in left side foreground. Man in center is identified as Arturo Ruiz. The woman seated on the left may be Raphaela Cota Ruiz.

Olivet Baptist Church Workers
Group photo of women workers at Olivet Baptist Church in Ventura. The women are seated around a table and are looking at the viewer. Portion of an upright piano is visible on the right side.

Left to right: Annie Walker, Bennie May Bryant,…

Portrait of a woman.

Restaurant interior.
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