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Aerial view of the Channel Islands marina
Color aerial view of the Channel Islands Marina.

Poor image of Anacapa Island.

Bathing Supreme along the Sunny Sands, Oxnard postcard
Beach scene showing colorful umbrellas and beachgoers along the shoreline.
[Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston, Mass., 63885]

Beach scene (image is badly damaged).

Beach scene with building in distant background.

Beach Scene, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Image of busy stretch of shoreline, being enjoyed by many people. An oil silo sits on a hill in the background, just behind a series of small buildings. Umbrellas with reclining figures dot the sand, facing a scene of bustling activity closer to the…

Coastal shoreline with house of bluff.

Couple on Channel Island rocky shore with ocean waves.

Group of people fishing on the beach with islands offshore

Man on Anacapa Island Beach

Oil well drilling rigs, Summerland Pier, California.

Oil wells in Summerland
Faded photo in a border with words reading "Oil Wells. Summerland, Cal." along the bottom. Another photo attached to backside.

Image of the pier from the beach.

San Buenaventura Reservoir
Birds eye view of San Buenaventura Reservoir and surrounding area. The image is looking east from Hill School. Palm Street runs down the center of the image and on the left is Oak Street. The pier can be seen in the distance. San Buenaventura, 1875…

Stereoscopic view of a family on a coastal tide pool.

Stereoscopic view of rocky beach with arch formation and a man.

Stereoscopic view of a rocky coastline.

Ventura Wharf from the beach with people playing in the surf.

Ventura Wharf and Beach
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