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Students outside of the Montalvo School
The exterior of the Montalvo School and students posed sitting and standing along the fence by the school.

Student Body Photo, Ventura Street School, 1920-1921
Panorama of the student body at the Ventura Street School in Santa Paula. Students are in front of the school in several rows; school and other buildings in the background. Photo states: "Luceal E. Root, Principal, Charles D. Jones, Superintendent."

Santa Susana Grammar School Photo
School photo in front of Santa Susana Grammar School before World War I. Max Riave kneeling at right. There are boys, girls, and teachers in the photo. Children appear to be middle or high school age.

Pupils of Hill School
Group portrait of the pupils of Hill School. The student's names are listed on the back of the photograph. Some are written on the child. 1892 listed on back of photo, although library records indicate it is 1894. Duplicate of 13215.

Pleasant Valley School
Student body portrait taken in front of the Pleasant Valley School--first built in Camarillo on the Hughes Ranch. Photo is faded, but several rows of students can be seen on the front steps and porch. The school is in a Victorian style and has a…

Plaza School Group Photo
School children from Plaza School pose in front of the school along with teachers and/or staff.

Oxnard Union High School Group Portrait
Panoramic group portrait of Oxnard Union High School students on the lawn in front of the school. Some students, mainly females are on sitting in the first few rows of students, while more rows of students, mostly male, stand in the back.

Ocean View School Group Photo
Group photo of children and teachers (?) in front of Ocean View School, located at Olds and Hueneme Roads. Girls are dressed in long dresses and boys are wearing suits and hats.

Mountain View School, Fillmore 6th Grade Class, 1939
Class photo of 6th grade class at Mountain View School in Fillmore. Class is standing on the front steps of the school. This was a segregated class. Teacher is "Glenn R. Phillips".

Mill School Group Photo, 1913
Mounted photo of Mill School students outside of the schoolhouse's front steps and door. In addition to the schoolchildren, there appear to be two adults--a female, possibly the teacher, and a male in overalls and boots--and a dog in the foreground…

May Henning School Students and Teachers
Sepia toned panoramic group photo of the students and staff of the May Henning School, built in 1928. Students and teachers sit and stand in front of the school, school building visible behind them. Photograph appears to have been folded at some…

Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of kids at Hill School. Charlie Ruiz second from right in front row.

Group Photo Outside Oxnard Ocean View School sepia
Students standing outside of the Oxnard Ocean View School. The students have been identified by numbered labels on the photograph. School building appears to have two doors on either side of the building.

Persons identified in photograph…

Group Photo of the Hill School Student Body
Group photo of the Hill School student body featuring roughly five rows of children of various ages posed in front of the school building. 3629 appears to be duplicate.

Del Norte Grammar School, 1913
Del Norte Grammar School school body group photo. Kids are standing on the steps in front of the school. Agnes Cooney was the teacher. Library records contain this quote from an unknown person: "I graduated from this school in 1915. It has long since…

Del Norte Grammar School Students, 1908
Mounted school photo of the student body of Del Norte Grammar School. Top of photo reads "Del Norte Grammar School -- Santa Clara Avenue near Saticoy Road - burned down many years ago." Kids are standing in front of the school. Image was taken from a…

Del Norte Grammar School Students, 1907
Mounted school photo of the student body of Del Norte Grammar School. School located at Santa Clara Avenue near Saticoy Road. Kids are standing in front of the school. There were 8 grades in one schoolhouse. Miss Folk was the teacher.
Seated (left…
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