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Man sitting on miniature train, Fillmore.

Ceremony on Chestnut Street, in front of Rose Hotel, with a band.

Orchards with horse drawn buggy and sheds in the distance.

Stereoscopic view of horses and wagons along a road.

Threshing machine and agricultural laborers during harvest.

Farm with trees, men and horses.

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Matilija Hot Springs stagecoach crossing a bridge.

Parade with people in horse drawn wagons.

Cephas L. Bard and his horse.


Harvesting and agricultural equipment

Families relaxing at the beach.

Work teams at ranch/farm.

Main Street Parade

Man in uniform on horse.

Man on horse with hilly rural landscape backdrop.

Tents and people on horseback in rural area [image is degraded].

Dr. Cephas Bard on his horse.


William Bain
Foreman of Limoneira Ranch on a dark horse--Mr. William Bain.

Two chariots racing at the Ventura County Fair
Two chariots racing around the track at the Ventura County Fairground. Photo is blurred.

Chariot at Ventura County Fair
Side view of chariot and team of four horses at the Ventura County Fair. Two men are standing in the chariot.

Horse-drawn oil tanker with driver
Horse-drawn oil tanker with driver. Verso of mounted photo reads:
"Santa Barbara Co."
"Associated Oil Co."
"Compliments of Mr. Grover Reed To Belle, Jim + also Baby"
A portion of a building is in the background with letters on side of building…

Men in front of livery stables
William E. Kelley's Livery Stable in Oxnard is shown with two men standing in front of building with horses and one man sitting in wagon behind harnessed horse. Various advertisements are on front of building (Ben Hur Soap, various brand cigars).…

Cowboys and their horses
Five cowboys sitting on ground in front of their saddled horses on the Converse Cattle Ranch in Santa Paula


Horse and rider at fairgrounds, 1940
Saddled horse and rider at the Ventura County Fair, Seaside Park. Rider holding reins up and smoking cigarette.

Aratus Everett family in a horse drawn wagon in Montalvo
Aratus Everett family in a horse drawn wagon in Montalvo. A man and woman with a child between them sit in the front of the wagon and a boy and girl sit in the back of the wagon. A two-story building, a barn structure, and a child sitting on the…

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